Mike Schilling

Mike has been a software engineer far longer than he would like to admit. He has strong opinions on baseball, software, science fiction, comedy, contract bridge, and European history, any of which he's willing to share with almost no prompting whatsoever.

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2 Responses

  1. John Howard Griffin says:

    Nice selection. Virtuous, righteous, full of joy and celebration. Well-used, recognizable, but not over-used.

    I prefer his more poignant pieces, of which there are many. Some of his stuff really gets me. His Piano Concerto 1, 2nd movement (romance-larghetto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJSFiHPTtc0 ) is one of my goto pieces when I’m down, sometimes. That first minute of the song, that ends on the low minor, and then the horns come in, and resolve it, then the piano starts talking… – that always turns me around.

    So many wonderful pieces by Mr. Chopin. I’ll stop here and only offer one, in response to your fine offering.

    “Chapin could make the piano do things that had never been imagined.”

    Yeah, that Cat’s Cradle Waltz was really something. πŸ˜‰Report