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  1. Avatar Will Truman says:

    What I do will be constricted by what Lain lets me do, which hasn’t been much lately. She’s going through a really hyper mess-with-everything phase.

    I’ve been hard at work running triage on older computers. This has had me swimming in the Linux pool quite a bit. I’ve made the transition from LXDE to XFCE. The former has a bit of a lighter footprint, but the latter gives me enough customization to make up the difference. By Thinkpad model number most recent to oldest, the verdicts and progress are:

    T61 – Windows 7 until further notice.
    X61 – Upgraded from Linux Mint 14 to LM17. Repurposing it, though I’m not sure what for yet. The only down side is that I can’t get Chrome/Chromium working right on it. The former won’t install and the latter is visually distorted. But Firefox works on it fine.
    T60p (15″) – Linux Mint, XFCE – This one has some serious overheating problems, so it’s on limited duty as I can only use it for about an hour at a time. I am likely to take this one and put it in the baby’s room, so while waiting for her to fall asleep I have something to do.
    T60p (14″) – Probably dead. Its fan is loud and obnoxious, but mostly it has trouble booting up.
    R52 – Busted screen. Still usable, but same issues as with the R32 below.
    T42p – Fedora Linux 19, LXDE – Neither Mint nor Ubuntu would install on this one, but Fedora did. It’s a temperamental machine that stopped properly loading XP some time back, though did load Vista but the resource-strain on Vista was such that it was hard to use. I can’t get the video codecs working on it, which bugs the heck out of me but at the same time I can’t think of any reason that video files would be a necessity.
    T40 – I haven’t touched this one yet. I may not bother. It’s currently serving as the media PC for the old CRT set (bless old Thinkpads for having S-Video out). The security concerns with XP are mitigated by the fact that it doesn’t do much on the Internet and I can maybe just turn Internet connectivity off?
    R32 – Busted screen still busted. With XP I can use video out, but that doesn’t work with Linux drivers. And it’s a really, really old machine. I could get this working again, but why?Report

  2. Avatar Maribou says:

    Yeah, my life is much like Jay’s – no poison spiders, but less lethal equally wtf occurences. We’re having a week. I’m look forward to my last “formal” (ie people are invited) Friday evening on the porch tonight, gaming on Saturday, but most of all to attempting to catch up a little on my sleep….

    I really thought once I was out of school I’d be able to go back to at least 56 hours of a sleep a week, but it is SO not working out that way this summer.Report

    • Avatar Glyph says:

      Weirdly, a friend of mine just got a spider bite too. Not poisonous, but gave her a staph infection and has a pretty big/angry welt, so she’s on antibiotics.

      Little eight-legged swine, plotting in their tiny arachnid brains…wtf, spiders, I thought we were cool?!Report

    • Avatar Tod Kelly says:

      Evenings on the porch are awesome. Living in PDX, where you have a limited number of times you get to do it in any given year makes it one of my favorite things to do each summer.Report

    • Avatar Maribou says:

      @tod-kelly , I am limited not by weather so much, but by schedule – in a few weeks I’ll be working 2pm-10pm on Fridays again. That schedule has a lot of upsides, but socializing ain’t one of ’em.

      I forgot, but I’m also pretty excited that Sunday my friend and I are watching Outlander together. I haven’t had a tv buddy other than Jaybird in quite some time…Report

  3. Avatar James Hanley says:

    My 23rd anniversary with the beautiful Johanna, so tonight is a dinner cruise on the Detroit River.

    Tomorrow is teaching #1 daughter to parrallel park so she can take her driver’s test. If I had thought about such things 24 years ago… (Just kidding, my love!)Report

  4. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    My big sister’s birthday is tomorrow! We’re doing a family lunch today. 🙂 I love birthdays. I’ll also be taking Junior to see the new Planes movie tonight. No plans for Saturday or Sunday. Ahh.Report

  5. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    Not too much planned at the moment, but most parenting. Much, much parenting.


  6. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    Back to school for us this week. I love it. Routine has returned! Normal bedtimes! Homework! It’s awesome.

    Birthday party for oldest daughter tomorrow. 20! I cannot believe it’s been two decades of parenthood for me. She requested a pasta bar which should be pretty easy for the 15 guests. Boil pasta. Make a few sauces. Heat up some meatballs and grill a few chicken breasts. Zap some garlic bread and call it done.

    Sunday is reserved for the Kentucky State Fair. I will definitely be doing a post on this one. It’s glorious fun. The highlight of my summer.Report

  7. Avatar Chris says:

    Black widow? Ouch.

    Probably going to see a movie with the teenager.Report