Chris lives in Austin, TX, where he once shook Willie Nelson's hand.

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  1. dhex says:

    it’s the hip hop version of brunch house. what you might put on were you romancing a lady but not sure if she was into crazy stuff or just once downloaded a radiohead single. or if you need to sell people 11 dollar omelettes.

    do you like tycho? i think he hits a similar mood but is more consistently great. (he’s also a bang up graphic designer)Report

    • Glyph in reply to dhex says:

      Yeah, Bonobo is def. “consistently good though never quite great”. Kinda like Ninja Tune in general, actually.

      Tycho is good on record but BORING AS HELL live.Report

      • dhex in reply to Glyph says:

        i am not too surprised. or am i a little bit. but you cannot win them all.

        ninja tune is basically a brunch house label, but with a lot more dreds.

        some heresy: you know whom i never cared for? coldcut. they were always so beige.

        also kid koala. i always felt like there was some west coast weed thing that instead of getting all math beats got all anime nerd cute overload math beats instead. i realize to the outside world that is a senseless distinction but i think you know what i mean.Report

      • Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

        I should clarify what I mean about Tycho. It’s by no means a bad show. It’s just that he puts a lot of effort into re-creating, exactly, in uncanny detail and pristine sonic fidelity, the records.

        So you are standing there thinking, this is nice and all; but I could be on my sofa right now.

        I saw him twice, thinking maybe I was just tired the first time, and nope.

        I amassed a LOT of Ninja Tune for a little while in the ’90’s, but it wore thin really quickly, and probably the only NT artist I still reach for occasionally is Amon Tobin.

        I hung onto a couple Kid Koala things just ‘cos they had neat packaging. But I haven’t played ’em in YEARS.Report

  2. dhex says:

    “ultimate chillaxability” would be a good theme if we ever had an ot mixtape contest.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to dhex says:

      Dead Can Dance.Report

    • Chris in reply to dhex says:

      I’ve actually been using a sort of “ultimate chillaxability” playlist, which in addition to Bonobo does include Tyco, along with Cillo, Joey Fehrenbach, General Fuzz, Rogue Audio, Stateless and Fog (more Ninja Tune), Jerome Isma-Ae, Balam Acab, Scuba, Trafik, Little People, Miwon, The Last Atlant, and some old school Tangerine Dream, along some others but I’m tired of scrolling. I suspect that a mixtape of most of these would put a lot of people to sleep.

      Also, Dead Can Dance is a good addition.


      • dhex in reply to Chris says:

        i dunno if people would fall asleep unless you went full robert rich.

        i figure most folk use music as background noise anyway – so why not music designed explicitly as background? it can’t lose!Report

  3. Mike Schilling says:

    I sill giggle every time I hear archbishops called “primates”.Report