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  1. Avatar ScarletNumbers says:

    This weekend the New York Renaissance Faire opens.

    I always tell myself I am going to go, and yet I never do.


    1) Have you gone?

    2) Is it worth it, or is it just fat girls showing off their tits?Report

    • Avatar Saul Degraw says:

      It is cute.Report

    • Avatar Kazzy says:


      (I didn’t get the email alert on this… sorry…)

      I haven’t gone to the Ren Faire since I was a kid. Even then, I found it weird. But fantasy and make-believe aren’t really my thing. As far as Rein Faires go, I understand it to be a pretty big deal. But I don’t know anyone from the area who actually goes. So, I guess it depends on how interested you are in such events in general…

      If I went, it would be to engage in some heavily ironic cultural tourism. And to eat giant turkey legs.Report

  2. Avatar James Hanley says:

    Detroit Tigers game tonight, Verlander starting.

    Two days ago I went to my first Toledo Mud Hens game. Great stadium.Report

  3. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    My parents are bringing my son and all of his stuff from Florida to Texas. He stayed behind to finish the school year and to be able to have some time with his mom, but he is finally moving. They arrive this evening. My parents will also stay a few days. While they are here, my parents will also have the opportunity to meet my new girlfriend. I am not sure exactly what we will do while they are here, but it will probably be a fairly busy weekend.Report

  4. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    It’s a long weekend in Canada – a commemoration of that time legislators agreed that there should be a long weekend in August. (It’s called a different thing in every province and some cities, and most people don’t know what it’s officially called in their area because it’s just the August long weekend).

    Tonight I’m brewing some beer. Two friends are coming over, so I might try to make the most of having assistants and get two brews in. It’s gotten so dire around here we’ve been buying beer…

    The weekend is a bit up in the air. We might go camping. We’ll probably visit some friends out of town for a river float and picnic, but we’re not sure on what day. Tomorrow there are a couple of birthday barbecue/potluck type parties we’re invited to, so if we remain in town we’ll go to one of those.Report

  5. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    1. Working because of that whole building a career and reputation thing and the legal crisis causing me to do this by piecemeal and taking on freelance assignments. One day I will get to be part of the urban crowd that hangs around Alamo Square and just chills but not yet it seems.

    2. SF Jazz and Bar Agricole on Sunday.


  6. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    No kids tonight. I think a semi-expensive dinner out with the wife is appropriate. Our weather is still ridiculously awesome so maybe a walk on the waterfront and back home for some DVR catch-up.

    Lots of errands tomorrow morning and I need to get to the archery range for some practice. Deer season is one month away. How did that happen? Lots to do at the farm as hunting season approaches. I may pack up the dogs and make an afternoon of it before the heat returns.

    Sunday is wide-open. I think Guardians of the Galaxy will be on the docket. It looks awesome.Report

  7. Avatar zic says:

    Last night, concert by my sweetie’s Future Music Lab students. For me, an opportunity to try my hand at music-performance video.

    Sound is off the camera, and the camera mechanics are audible; sigh. No processing; stabilization needed. That’s the weekend’s work.Report

  8. Avatar Maribou says:

    I am having a wobbles and hives sort of weekend so far, and had to come home early from work. But I’m still looking forward to the same things Jaybird is. I will just have to do a lot of hardcore resting in between.Report

  9. Avatar Will Truman says:

    I’m about to throw in the towel on a couple of old computers. What’s frustrating is that they work well, for the most part. I installed Linux on them and the resource issues have improved markedly. Unfortunately, the overheating issues persist and there is only so much you can do on a computer that only stays awake for an hour or so at a time before melting down. It’s really the Achilles heel of the Thinkpad T60 series. Given that the model is eight years old, though, I can hardly complain. The one that it really hurts to give up on is the one that I performed my first open-laptop fan transplant on. I’m pretty sure that the surgery was successful, though only insofar as a liver transplant to an unrepentant alcoholic can be successful.

    Between computers that I are simply too outdated to use (the T40’s, a 2003 model) and the collapse of the T60’s (though the Media one is still working fine), I may be shopping for a new tertiary laptop for future purpose.

    As always, I’d like to get some organization done in this house. And the computer network.Report

    • Avatar scott the mediocre says:

      Not only do you have excellent taste in smartphone OSes, but in laptop HW too (my old T61 never had heating problems and it’s still on the original fan; but I didn’t run it that hard – certainly if I pounded away on the CPU and memory I certainly heard the fan going).

      A few months ago I moved my T510 to secondary status, as it was starting to experience severe bit rot on both XP and Win7Pro boot (Ubuntu 13.10 continued to be fine, though I’ve now brought it up to Xubuntu 14.04, which is most wonderful – you, being the power person that you are, are no doubt a KDE warlord).

      I’m now using a W530, which certainly appears to be bulletproof so far (last generation of the old Thinkpad case; it has a new keyboard which isn’t as good as the old one, but still light years ahead of any of the competitors), including more cooling that you could possibly hope for. I seem to recall from my research that the T530 (which would probably be more than sufficient for you unless you are running 3D CAD) had similar CPU cooling but didn’t have the killer GPU cooling that the W530 does. Xubuntu 14.04 installed with no problem at all, although I’m still having some, err, interesting interactions with the some of the finer points of pm-utils. Put in a smallish 3rd party mSATA and your choice of caching program and boom – tons of data space on the HDD but also all the blazing speed of the SSD (from GRUB menu timeout to fully booted in 14.04 takes maybe 5-6 seconds).

      HTH – I can recommend the W530 without hesitation (as noted, I can’t necessarily say the same for the T530 – the motherboard is of course completely different, and there are definitely parts of the internal structure which are different too). I expect to hang on to this one for a long time.

      • Avatar Will Truman says:

        @scott-the-mediocre KDE is without a doubt my favorite, and if I ever make the leap to primarily-Linux, it’s what I’ll definitely use. Since I mostly use Linux on resource-strapped machines, though, I primarily use LXDE. I’ve been eyeing XFCE, however, as some of LXDE’s limitations are pretty aggravating.

        My current primary machine is a T520, which has just worked wonderfully. If I get another machine, I haven’t decided whether I will get a new primary machine and put the T520 on tertiary duty, or whether I will get a less expensive computer expressly for non-primary use.Report

      • Avatar greginak says:

        You should try out Cinnamon. It works well now. Previously it was much more a work in progress. It is customizable although not as much as KDE. It has more options and a better look than LX, which is limited. I find Cinnamon to be faster than KDE which is a must for me.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

        When I’m on Linux, honestly, all I want is to get to a shell window. I’d be more impressed with them if they didn’t still have Xterm bugs I remember from 1991.Report

  10. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    It was a tough week, culminating in an unscheduled laser procedure “tacking down” the edges of a small retinal tear in the better half’s right eye. (A) Amazing what they can do in the doctor’s office these days; lasers are wonderful gadgets. (B) Follow-up visit early Monday morning to make sure things stayed fastened down. (C) After talking to the support tech, add this to the list of things that go away if we lose the ability to build the billion-transistor integrated circuits necessary to aim/fire the laser safely.

    Even though the chances of complications are supposed to be small, I can’t bring myself to go very far from home this weekend.Report