Monthly Archive: July 2014

Someone’s Lucky Day

So someone just knocked on our door collecting signatures to have a public vote on an anti-discrimination ordinance our town recently passed, which says the city won’t discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation...


You probably remember the OK Go video that fearless leader Tod posted a while back, the one for their song “This Too Shall Pass,” which featured an outrageous Rube Goldberg machine: Now they have...

No Way To Die In California

A judge recently found that California’s death penalty, as it is administered, is cruel and unusual punishment, serving no identifiable purpose. Digging in to the opinion, Burt Likko finds a perverse conflict: an effort to comply with one part of the Constitution leads to a violation of another.

Linky Friday #77

Bears, baseball, buildings, beauties and Barrett Brown. We’ll talk about all that and more in this week’s Linky Friday!


Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

A Blast from Reason’s Past….?

So saw this interesting piece in my article feed today. I tend to be unReasonable when it comes to reading their stuff, so can someone more familiar tell me why this isn’t a problem?...

Question Time: Literary Advertising

Coke’s new summer ad campaign seems to be about sharing coke. I see cans that have Share a Coke with Katey, Emily, Bill, and a million other names on the side. Am I hoping...

The Wrong Friends and the Wrong Enemies

In true Canadian style, Jonathan McLeod goes from talking about hockey to talking about sexual assault to talking about feminism.

Because everything is about hockey and hockey is about everything, apparently.

Do Not Honor Mom and Pop

“We conclude that the growth in modern retail, characterized by modern chains of midern establishments with more levels of hierarchy, is raising wage rates relative to traditional mom-and-pop retail stores.”

Three Cheers for Command and Control

A couple in Glendora, CA face a $500 fine for saving water by not watering their lawn. Simultaneously, the state wants to fine people who water their lawns. That is, folks can receive a...