Post-Zombie Apocalypse Constitutional Convention Pool–Updated with Map and State Briefs!

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  1. Aaron david says:

    Thank Tod I am right handed…Report

  2. Burt Likko says:

    Do I need to repeat my earlier predictions?

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    3. Nagv-nobegvba cebivfvba (bssrerq ba pynvz bs arrq gb ercbchyngr gur angvba nsgre mbzovr ncbpnylcfr) aneebjyl snvyf gb cnff.Report

  3. Stillwater says:

    I predict two tyrannical males from resource rich proto-states to refuse to even join the COnvention unless concessions/guarantees are made up front. Regarding taxing structures, for example. They’ll get beat down by threats of isolationism and only reluctantly agree to leave tax policies open till the actual convention starts.

    I predict three of the four women will impose some sort of equality measure for women into the Constitution. The fourth will align with the opposition based on a “right to work for less money” principle. 7 of the 8 men will agree to this proposal. I’m not sure who the misogynist is at this time.

    I predict natural-resource rich states will form around two competing and antithetical alliances based upon standard political-economic lines: unregulated, free-for-all (I mean, free market) capitalism and European-style socialism. Labor rich but resource poor states will decide the issue in favor of the European solution, leading at least three of the resource rich states to storm out of Convention Hall and speculate about the possibilities of forming their own nation. Splitters.

    Slavery will be unconstitutional, but several of the resource rich states comprised primarily of same-color/ethnicity/religious groups will lobby hard against including equal opportunity/non-discrimination in the constitution. And they’ll win! Constitutionally imposed limits on Church and State will be upheld, but only by a slim margin.

    Someone will propose an Anti-Rent Seeking amendment to the COnstitution, and it will go down in flames by a vote of 8-4. No, make that 9-3. Everyone will look to free-ride on the others but only 3 kids will lack the courage to say so publicly.Report

  4. Kolohe says:

    Is eleven students the final class size? Is it possible (or even ethical/legal) to get any demographic data on the students?Report

  5. Aaron david says:

    Zombie slavery will be legalized for post labor economy with a strong PETZ faction.Report

  6. Jaybird says:

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    • Jaybird in reply to Jaybird says:

      Bbbu, #5 znl punatr guvatf. Vg’f bar guvat jura lbh’er nethvat nzbatfg lbhefryirf nobhg gur fgngr bs gur jbeyq. Vs lbh’ir tbg n tebhc bs crbcyr bire lbaqre jub zvtug rapebnpu ba lbhe greevgbel, gura lbh’ir tbg fbzrguvat gung lbh nyy pna sbphf ba..

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      Fbbbbb… nyy va nyy, tbireazrag ol pbzzvggrr. Cngreanyvfgvp pbyyrpgvivfz.Report

  7. James Hanley says:

    Some relevant information.

    1. There are 13 students currently enrolled. It’s possible that number could go up or down by one or two students in the add/drop period.

    2. There are 4 females, 9 males. The dominant person will be a particular female, I’m sure. I know which one, but I don’t know her politics.

    3. 12 of the students are from Michigan or Ohio, one is from Arizona.

    4. The zombies “died” out some time ago, so they don’t matter except to explain why society collapsed. I will discourage (but not forbid) students from addressing zombie matters in their constitution.

    5. I have drafted 1 page briefs of the new states, constructed to ensure competing interests. There are
    – a few resource conflicts,
    – some territorial disputes,
    – disparities in level of development, but for the most part industrial development should be pictured at 19th century levels or even earlier.
    – very large disparities in population (~150k to ~ 4 million),
    – some states where political control is well consolidated and others where it’s not, including one state with competing governments (only one, the upstart challenger government being represented), and one unable to control its territory and prevent cross-border raids by warlords into other states,
    – some states are democratic, some are not, some are mixed,
    – a few states have a strong religious element including a religious test, some don’t.
    – If I can figure out how to make documents available for download here, I will make those briefs available.

    6. I am using midwestern, and eastern states from Will Truman’s Trumanverse map, plus the former Canadian province of Ontario (now Huron). The other states are not involved in the plan to draft a constitution for a new union, there are conflicts with some of them, and the farther away ones are disappeared from the map, some with names but no borders, but farther out not even names. The Gulf and Pacific coasts are shown, but there is blank space where borders with Mexico and Canada used to be–for the students that will be terra incognita. Johanna is completing this map for me today, and I will post it (and hope Will forgives me!).

    7. Students will be tasked with representing their state’s interest where specified, so they won’t be totally free agents in pursuing their own values, but the briefs aren’t so detailed that they lack all room to promote their preferences.

    8. I think folks should not forget to make predictions about the structure of the government. There are myriad ways it could go, so precise predictions are encouraged.

    9. Maybe we’ll make t-shirts for those with the best predictions. Something like, I survived the zombie apocalypse, rebuilt society, drafted a new constitution, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.Report

  8. Michael Cain says:

    After skimming the briefs, I am so going to regret saying I wouldn’t make predictions. I see at least one cooperative grouping that’s not immediately obvious, but which I think makes a lot of sense depending on one big factor not covered in the briefs.Report

    • James Hanley in reply to Michael Cain says:

      Shoot me an email. I don’t think I’ve noticed it (I get so deep in the weeds writing these…), and I’d like to think about whether I think it’s a problem or a great opportunity to see if the students tumble to.

      I don’t plan to do much revising of the briefs at this point, because I have lots of other prep work to do, but they’re not wholly set in stone.Report