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  1. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    Last night we took Bug to see Planes Fire & Rescue (it wasn’t bad, with some good jokes for the long suffering parents, but you can tell Pixar is not doing the writing).

    Now, Bug is 26 months old, but he loves the Pixar movies, especially Cars/Planes. He will sit at home & quietly watch them start to finish. Last night, he did the same in a theater, with only intermittent commentary & requests for “Corn in my lap!” (popcorn in the dish in his lap). Although the trailer for Paddington Bear got loud cries of “Oh NO! Bear Stuck! Bear fall over…”.

    We are pretty proud of him.

    This morning, I made Bisquick Biscuits, and left the Bisquick box on the counter. While eating Bug saw the box & wanted it. I could not for the life of me figure out why, until it dawned on me that he wanted pancakes, and of course the front of the Bisquick box has a picture of a stack of pancakes on it. He logically figured that the box contains pancakes.

    Luckily we had some Trader Joes Frozen Pancakes handy, which he happily gobbled down.Report

  2. James K says:

    I’m playing Hearthstone and Dragon Age II.Report

    • Hoosegow Flask in reply to James K says:

      One day I’ll finish my game of DAII. Just fired up DA:O last night. According to Steam, I put 85 hours into the game, but never did the Awakenings expansion, which I since purchased during some Steam sale of years past. Figured I might as well do another run through in preparation for Inquisition.Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    Guild Wars 2 has launched Season 2 of their Living World, where they add to the story with frequent updates that permanently change the world. The first season ended up with the main city of Lion’s Arch being destroyed and a new dragon waking up. Dragons in this game are more like Lovecraftian Elder Gods than they are like Smaug.

    Along with that, I have been plowing through Diablo 3. I beat it with a Demon Hunter, and now I am making my way through with the new Crusader class, smiting evil with the wrath of God.Report