What Is It?


James Hanley

James Hanley is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    They look like gambrels but I’ve never seen wooden ones before. I had to do an image search and it looks pretty similar.


  2. Avatar Road Scholar says:

    Just a wild guess, but maybe they’re for hanging a jacket and slacks to dry. They would hang between two adjacent clotheslines mounted at the ISO standard ( ;-P ) spacing of 18 inches.Report

  3. Avatar zic says:

    I think it’s part of something called a Wooley Board, a device used for blocking sweaters. (A form to hold them in shape while they dry.)Report

  4. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Can you tell what kind of wood they are? Cedar repels moths, which suggests the guesses about hanging sweaters may be right.Report

    • Avatar James Hanley says:

      Neither Johanna nor I think it smells like cedar. Kind of looks like white pine.Report

      • Avatar zic says:

        Definitely looks like pine, not cedar. (Cedar, btw, will smell of cedar if you lightly sand or scratch it.)

        I’m wrong about the wooley board; a fine Scottish invention, btw.

        I think it’s part of a valet stand; for hanging a suit overnight, brushing out, etc. For an example, look at how the valet cares for Lord Grantham’s wardrobe in scenes from Downton Abbey. The bend arms would go over hooks on the stand, which would hold the clothing stable for brushing, a more modern hanger would swing and sway. The top for pants, the bottom for a jacket/coat.Report

      • Avatar Road Scholar says:

        I’m changing my answer to valet stand as well.Report

  5. Avatar James Hanley says:

    A facebook friend suggests steamer trunk hangers. I think we have a winner.

    The next question is, what do we do with them? We can’t just throw away antiques like this, but have no actual use for them.Report