Daily Archive: June 20, 2014

Doing Her Job

Don’t people understand what it is that lawyers do? (Yes, I know that’s actually irrelevant.)


Don’t let the name fool you.


Holy cow! Is it Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Santorum Says Gay Marriage is Bad for the Economy

While I’ve heard some pretty stupid arguments against same-sex marriage, this one from Rick Santorum–he of man-on-dog love fame–strikes me as particularly ridiculous. In an interview with townhall.com, Santorum put forth his latest theory:

The Most Useless Job Advice in the World

“If you can imagine doing anything else but X, do it.” or “Don’t do X unless……” I have heard this piece of advice numerous times and for numerous careers and options. X in these...

What Is the Midwest?

We’ve had a handful of discussions here about what states constitute the Midwest. I have an official answer, from the U.S. Government itself.

Linky Friday #73

This week: Immigration, Fatherhood, Weapons, Transportation, Markets, Education & Government!