Daily Archive: June 17, 2014


Working songs.


Cthulhu visits a bookstore.

Office Space!

Milton was in paradise, as far as I’m concerned.

TV Question

Am I allowed to be annoyed that I just saw an ad for a HISTORY channel Reality TV show program called “Biker Battle Phoenix” or has the shipped already sailed on words having meanings?

Details, Details…

This is sort of symposium-related, though I won’t tag it as such because it’s mostly of a personal nature.

World Cup Update

So who’s adjusting their odds on Brazil winning the whole tournament? Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my surmountable lead over my soccer-knowledge-superiors Burt and Mark.

Tuesday Writing Prompt: Going Somewhere?

Mike Dwyer has graciously allowed me to poach on his territory by writing a Tuesday Writing Prompt. I’ll set the scene, and you all continue the story in the comments section. Mississipppi, July, sweat...

It beats working…

Worked late last night; here’s the view from my office.

Non-Contractual Employment

An employment lawyer entertains a very radical idea. Except it may already be real!