Meet The Teams: Italy

Burt Likko

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9 Responses

  1. greginak says:

    You have failed to mention the Italians superiority in jumping over things, collecting mushrooms and shooting fireballs.Report

  2. aaron david says:

    Win loose or draw, I hope every team puts in a good showing. That said, after reading this, can I assume that you are rooting for Italy?Report

  3. Kazzy says:

    I love Buffon. Besides his stellar play, his overly dramatic facial expressions are a delight.

    I also love Balotelli. When you consider his backstory and the way in which he’s been the victim of awful racism at the hands of his fellow countrymen, his attitude is understandable. When he channels that emotion properly — such as he did as Germany in 2012 — he’s a force.Report

  4. You’ve listed about the most mundane of Mario Balotelli’s antics. His history and ability probably makes him the number one reason for a casual fan to be interested in Italy. Here’s a list of those antics:

    Notably, that article is two years old, from when Mario was just 21. I haven’t heard of him doing much crazy stuff since then; instead, he’s had to put up with unconscionable levels of racial abuse on a regular basis:

    All while doing stuff like this:

    • Chris in reply to Mark Thompson says:

      Thanks to the wonderful, wonderful beIN Sport, I was able to watch a fair amount of this past Serie A season, including a fair amount of A.C. Milan. My impression is that Balotelli’s current issues stem not from irresponsible and at times just bizarre behavior, but from inconsistency that seems to be largely mental, and not entirely unrelated to his relationship with the coaching staff. The inconsistency meant that he didn’t start some of the matches I watched, including, if I remember correctly, their final match of the season in which they had a chance to push for 6th position and a Europa League spot, which says a lot (and reminds me, beIN played all of the Milan game, and parts of the Parma game, which ultimately determined 6th place; did I mention that channel is wonderful?).Report

    • Yep. The dude is the Italian Dennis Rodman.Report