Sabbatical Planning

For the last 17 years my wife and some of her college friends have taken a trip together during the summer. It’s a pretty awesome tradition that I fully support. When she is gone I usually take a couple of days off to be home with the kids and we go on Dad Time. The dishes are left in the sink. We eat a lot of pizza. Maybe catch a movie. It’s a good chance to recharge the batteries. In addition to the ‘roommate trip’ my wife has a second trip planned with her family that I declined because heading further south in the heat of July seems illogical to me. (I promise I am not a terrible husband. My employer is generous with vacation and the wife and I will have plenty of time together in the fall.)

This year the stars have aligned and the kids will also be gone when my wife is away, so I decided to schedule two five-day blocks of vacation for myself, about three weeks apart. I have begun to refer to this as my ‘mini sabbatical’ (Part 1 and Part 2) since I don’t think I have had this much time alone since I got married in 2003. I am devoting my mornings to a big writing project (more on that later this summer) but beyond that I really have nothing on the docket. Maybe some movies, maybe some long walks with the dogs. I’m heading into uncharted territory and while I am excited, I am also nervous that I will not make the most of the time. So my question for readers is this: Have you ever taken a sabbatical? If so, what was your experience? For those that have not, what would you do with a week all to yourself? Get some work done or goof off? What would your perfect week look like?

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8 thoughts on “Sabbatical Planning

  1. Fun post. Thanks. We are actually in process of building a marketplace for professional adventures aka working sabbaticals. Will be in beta in a month or so. Would be great to hear about your thoughts on that! ;)


  2. Awesome.

    If I were you, knowing your interests, I would go visit a whole bunch of important Revolutionary War sites. Oddly enough, I heard a rumor that one of your friends lives within an hour of most of ’em.


    • Mark,

      I do know someone who lives up that way. Unfortunately the same funding problems that will leave me stuck in Louisville for Leaguefest will also leave me here during my sabbatical. As a consolation I will spend some time staring at our new kitchen floor and trying to convince myself it was a good trade-off.


  3. I’m a big fan of “down time”. I can spend an entire weekend doing the following:

    Watching old movies
    Cooking in the kitchen making things
    Sleeping in
    Playing on the computer

    I don’t see anyone and don’t talk to anyone. It’s fun about once a month.

    On a longer time period I’d probably go take care of some linger “bucket list” things I’d like to do: Hike the Zion Narrows for example.


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