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Easing gently into The New Normal…


The Icemen Cometh?

In the comments of my Eye of the Storm post, Roger wrote: In general moderate warming is vastly preferable to moderate cooling At the risk of being called a denialist, or just being called...


Why Babylon 5 is the Best — and Worst — Television Science Fiction Show Ever Made

Loved or hated by sci-fi fans, Babylon 5 is the oddest of accomplishments: It’s writing, acting, and directing is all jarringly terrible. And yet on a meta-level, it is the most brilliantly conceived science-fiction television show of all time. Whether you love it or hate it depends greatly upon which kind of sci-fi fan you are.


The Tale of Two Brooklyns

When I graduated college in 2002, a friend of mine from New England invited me to hang out with her in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn as she went apartment hunting. I thought this...