Daily Archive: May 7, 2014

Adventures in Education: Major Fail Edition.

A school district in the Greater Los Angeles area recently came under fire for asking 8th graders whether they think the Holocaust “was actually a political event, or merely a political scheme.” Here is...

Gobble, gobble

Spring turkey season was mostly about hearing and not seeing this year.

Jaybird Is Unclear On The Concept

I need a legal explanation, please. A family in Washington is on trial for medical marijuana use and they are being forbidden by the judge from using the argument that their plants were legal...

Monkeying Around

A new app – Monkey Parking – allows San Franciscans to auction off public parking spots they’re occupying to the highest bidder.  Personally, I find this appalling.  But more important than my own personal...

A Switch In Time

Nearly every social conservative who called for the impeachment of Justice Anthony Kennedy after his opinion in Lawrence v. Texas owes the man an apology. Burt Likko explains why in a longish analysis of Monday’s decision in Town of Greece v. Galloway.

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