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  1. Avatar ScarletNumbers says:

    For those in and around NYC, Cabaret is back on Broadway in a limited engagement.

    Tony Award winner Alan* Cumming returns as the MC. Cumming is probably best known for his role as Eli Gold on The Good Wife.

    *As I was originally typing this, I accidentally misspelled Alan’s first name with an anagram that refers to a type of sex that Cumming presumably enjoys. I’m glad I found the typo in time.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to ScarletNumbers says:

      I’m trying to think of a darker musical and I’m having trouble. Even Sweeney Todd is funny from time to time.Report

      • Avatar Saul DeGraw in reply to Jaybird says:

        There is some sweetness and funny stuff in Cabaret with songs like Two Ladies, The Pineapple Song, Miskeit, Wilkommen. The first part of Cabaret should be fun, sexy, sweet, full of joie de vive.

        And then you watch how it all collapses because of the Nazis…Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Jaybird says:

        Fiddler on the Roof? He loses two of his daughters, one to Siberia and one to conversion, and at the end everyone we’ve met is expelled from their homes. (In the original stories, there’s another daughter who dies.)Report

      • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Jaybird says:

        He remains indomitable. And, of course, he offers an invitation to the fiddler at the end.

        And, of course, he had the choice of losing his daughter to conversion or not losing her despite her conversion and took the latter.

        Seriously, “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” scares the ever living crap out of me.Report

    • Avatar Chris in reply to ScarletNumbers says:

      I know Cumming best for his Masterpiece Theater intros, particularly him saying “Poirot” with a self-conscious French pronunciation in a Scottish accent.Report

  2. Avatar dexter says:

    I think Hair is a very dark musical. So much naivety, so little time.
    I am starting to get well from some bug that hit me so hard that I have been sleeping on the couch so I wouldn’t the wife up with my coughing and groaning. I am not well but am so much better than I can go ten or fifteen minutes without coughing and when I do I don’t worry about my lungs leaping out.
    My hope is that by Saturday I am well enough to go to the garden and be a hoer.Report

  3. Avatar Glyph says:

    Last night I stayed out too late, drank too much, and listened to music that was too loud*. So I am staying in, and doing house stuff.

    *just kidding. It was just the right amount of loud. Though my ears have been intermittently ringing today.Report

  4. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    Well, we sort of have this horse race going on in town this weekend, and it’s kind of a big deal, so I will try to stay away from the city as much as possible to avoid traffic and Nick Lachey sightings. Safe in the suburbs I will do battle with turkeys one last time on Saturday morning. It has been an extremely frustrating season but there is still hope.

    On Sunday I am hosting my own birthday party. It’s just an excuse to cook for the whole family though I never mind the presents. We’re thinking pulled pork, potato salad and cole slaw this year but the menu is TBD.Report

  5. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    tomorrow I think we’re going to my wife’s boyfriend’s for a fire in the yard and beers and music.

    Saturday evening to some friends we haven’t seen much in a long while, so it will be very nice to catch up. Our kid and their two used to be very good friends, so they should enjoy that too. Possibly potluck – I’d have to ask my wife. Saturday night, I might go dance to big cheesy psy trance. Most of my friends of the going out dancing set will be going to a different event at a much more expensive club that I kind of find annoying, is more out of my way, and anyway won’t have psytrance.

    Sunday is my usual shift at the bike shop – it’s getting really busy there now, basically all the stands have been busy the whole time on my last four shifts.

    Monday isn’t really weekend, but it’s got the ecstatic dance thing I’ve started, which feels very weekendish – it’s been really nice actually looking forward to Mondays lately.Report

  6. Avatar Damon says:

    Tonight I celebrate a minor achievement of a lady friend with a nice dinner out and such. I anticipate little sleep. Don’t know why, but it seems that females of any species must hog the bed. I expect to be wedged between my lady friend and the cat. One may have to be bannished to the spare bedroom so i can sleep in peace-the cat takes up less space 🙂

    Sat I’m heading to see a play with my “theatre chick” friend where I will attempt to schmooze her into helping me sell my car…..Report

  7. Avatar zic says:

    I may spend the whole weekend watching this:


  8. Avatar Citizen says:

    Caging 5 tomato plants. Do the nightly hunter killer missions on the harlequin beetles in the mustard greens and kohlrabi. So far they have not migrated into the Hopi corn or Anasazi beans.
    I am finding the Anasazi beans grow crazy fast. They put on blooms within a couple weeks of clearing the ground. Rosella Hibiscus are doing well, have one more to transplant to bring this springs total up to 6 or so. Should be a couple dozen ground cherries ripe enough to be plucked. Native sunflowers will be showing their color this weekend, some near 40″ tall already.
    Of the squash, the Tatume is doing better than the others.Report

    • Avatar dexter in reply to Citizen says:

      Citizen, Can I be nosey and ask where you live and how big the garden is?Report

      • Avatar Citizen in reply to dexter says:

        Sorry for the late reply.
        I live appox. 40 miles inland from Corpus Christi, Texas. The tilled gardens if I added all of them together would be in the 550 to 600 sq.ft. range. The heat requires I work mostly under trees. we have already seen a 108F in late April. This week will be in the 90s.

        I do small tweaks in the surrounding bush that probably amounts to 3-5 acres. This years sow thistle crop was incredible. I cant be certain but it appears the sow thistle has increased the number of lady bugs. They have migrated to the sunflowers and have seen no aphids so far. Soldier beetles are prolific and on the watch as well.Report

  9. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    I am about to go out and — I can’t believe I ‘m doing this — watching an entire day of TED, live.

    I expect to either be deeply inspired or want to slit my wrists by noon.Report