Monthly Archive: May 2014


Jaybird is a couple of hours into Watch Dogs…

Are You Ready For Some Fútbol?

The Ordinary Times World Cup Pick’em Group is open for business. Try to beat the other enthusiastic soccer dilettantes!

For the Surveillance Interest Inclined…

Brookings will be hosting a fantastic discussion on the subject next Thursday. Carrie Cordero, Jameel Jaffer, Julian Sanchez, and John Inglis moderated by Ben Wittes will be a MUCH MUCH more interesting and substantive...


Holy cow, is it Friday already? Indeed it is.

Justice at Last

The great thing about this country is that privilege only goes so far.

Linky Friday #70 [Updated!]

Links! Click on them and go places! This week: Transportation, Settlement, Family, Resources, Culture, America, and the World!

Dear Nate Silver: Hire Better Editors

I get that some folks thought we were being too hard on Silver over the Pielke stuff. Fine. But look at this recent piece of utter dreck. Anyone with a basic understanding of statistics...

Phenomenal Woman

Maya Angelou passed today at the age of 86.  The world is a worse place today than it was yesterday.


Is anyone else watching AMC’s Turn, and if so, what do you think of it? I think they made a very creative choice for the theme song and title sequence. The rest I’m not...


I want money (that’s what I want).