Monthly Archive: April 2014

Whither the 15-Hour Week: An Inquiry

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes made a bold prediction that the future would see drastically shorter working hours. Keynes predicted that only the most extreme workaholics would work more than fifteen hours a week....

A Tale of Two Economies: Law Edition

The National Law Journal is reporting that things are still very tough for law school grads. The class of 2013 was the biggest class yet and the lesson seems to be that there is...

Controlling Other People’s Bodies

I’ve had it up to here with people saying that the such and such people just want to control other people’s bodies. Not because such claims are false, but because they are trivially true.

An Invitation to “Circumvent”?

For some reason, the health folks and the government thought that changing the cigarette labeling would thwart smokers’ desire for light cigarettes. They were wrong.


So… what are you reading and/or watching?

This Is What Plagiarism Looks Like

Plagiarism is rampant in American higher education, so I have my students upload their papers through an automatic plagiarism checker. And a good thing, too, as this example shows. Seems a bit harsh to...


Thinking about my son listening to “electronicore,” industrial, and even a little metal when he was ten, made me think about the music I listened to when I was ten. Most of it came...

Canada’s Awkward Relationship With Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the term “rape culture” thrown around, and it’s a term that can lose its meaning or significance with repeated use, but as we experience sexual crimes like those committed in Steubenville or against Rehtaeh Parsons–and the delayed and insufficient responses to the crimes–it is inescapable that rape culture persists and, perhaps, thrives.

Linky Friday #65

Links! Click on them and go places! This week: Wildlife, Settlement, Athletics, Regulation, Psychology, Europe, Crime, Lifestyle, and Healthcare


It’s springtime in a midterm election year, and that can only mean one thing! Bad campaign ads!


Holy Cow! Is tomorrow Good Friday already?

Indeed it is.