Monthly Archive: April 2014

Legal Rents

Matt Bruenig argues against the current legal education and licensing regime. While doing so, he imperils his future favoured status.


So… what are you playing?


Round 1 of the Mindless Diversions Album Listening Club.

More than the Minimum

Free speech ought to be more than just a legal requirement to be tolerated.

Linky Friday #66

Links! Click on them and go places! This week: Space, Energy, Science Multiculturalism, Labor, Relationships, and Smoking!


It’s the little things, mostly. Well, the one big thing. Followed by the little things.

The FDA’s Light Hammer Comes Down

The FDA finally moves on eCigarettes. Trumwill gives the rundown of what they got right and what they got wrong.

The Curse

zic considers the politics, economics, and taboos of the 28-day cycle.

Mount Rushmore – Candy Edition

A new weekly feature wherein everyone gets mad at each other yelling about something meaningless. This weeks’ topic? CANDY!

ABC v Aereo — Why You Should Care

Earlier this week the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of American Broadcasting Companies v Aereo. Michael Cain looks at how the eventual decision could affect the technology you use every day.


Beautiful ugly.

Open Post on Gun Violence

Shootings in Chicago are on the rise despite some of the most strict gun laws in the nation.


NYPD attempts to crowdsource PR photos.  Hilarity ensues.

How To: Cook Oven-Fried Chicken

Although there are a variety of ways to beautifully prepare chicken, none to me is as easy, as satisfying, and as homely as oven-fried chicken. I had the great fortune of being raised by...


From Mad Rocket Scientist comes this brief but amazing reflection on fatherhood and the word “love.”