UAW-VW Update

Will Truman

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  1. zic says:

    From the Detroit Free Press

    The union will look into other options to get recognized, said Gary Casteel, the UAW’s district director. “There are still options other than elections and card checks, and we can prove we had a majority” of workers favoring UAW representation before to the election,” Casteel said.

    Casteel said VW could agree to a private election and choose to accept the UAW on its own.

    “The board doesn’t have to certify anything,” he said. “Volkswagen could give us voluntary recognition. There is no adversarial relationship between the UAW and Volkswagen, and we’re still having discussions.”

    Others have suggested VW could explore a nonexclusive union comprised of those who voted in favor of organizing. Those people could form the basis of a works council that consists of white- and blue-collar workers. The works council could make decisions on all issues outside wages and benefits, which must be negotiated by a union.

    Art Wheaton, associate with the Worker Institute at Cornell University, said VW could end the drama instantly by certifying the union and he cannot understand the political opposition. “A politician in Germany would be burned at the stake if they did that.”

    Wheaton also said he thinks VW may be positioning itself to reach an agreement with a different union than the UAW.

    I am interested to see if UAW come forward with recommendations for legislative change; I think there’s a hole big enough to drive a VW through in the law and what ‘union’ means right now. Work Councils sound so 1940’s, but cooperative union/management structures would be a good thing.Report