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  1. Avatar ScarletNumbers

    Today I will be watching the Final Four on TruTV.

    Why TruTV? Because Turner is broadcasting the game on three channels: TBS, TNT, and TruTv.

    The TBS broadcast is the offical broadcast with Jim Nantz, Greg Anthony, Steve Kerr, and Tracy Wolfson, while TNT and TruTV will be broadcasting the games from a team-centric perspective.

    TNT will be covering the SEC teams, while TruTV will cover the other teams. Since my favorite team is currently in the AAC and is a future member of the Big 10, I will watch the game from their perspectives.Report

  2. Nob Akimoto Nob Akimoto

    Some asshole got me hooked on The Old Republic, so I’ve been playing through the storylines of the various classes.Report

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