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14 Responses

  1. NewDealer says:

    I’ve got nothing planned. Figuring out the future perhaps.Report

  2. dragonfrog says:

    Nice! I hope your jaw slackens to your satisfaction, your shoulders drop, and/or whatever your typical physical indications of relaxation are manifest themselves.

    I’ve also got Friday off. I’m probably going to be up eaarrrrly to get to the bus station (unless a later ride materializes), to get to the South of the province and spend the afternoon with my daughter, then watch the opening night of my wife’s show, and all of us will head back home Saturday morning. I love going out to Rosebud – it’s such a lovely little town. Also, every time I go there, it involves seeing my wife after a week or more apart, which rather sweetens the deal.

    Saturday there’s a concert and also a friend’s birthday party. I’m not sure how the scheduling will work around that, and if we’ll make it to both.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    Tomorrow I am interning or working or going to memorial services from 9 am until 10 pm.

    Saturday and Sunday will be spent doing homework or doing chores or sleeping or bugging Jaybird. We need a quiet weekend.Report

  4. Kazzy says:

    Mayo has a yoga class with my sister on Saturday morning. Then we’re going to go to brunch. Hurray, Hoboken! He’s the bougiest kid ever.

    Sunday, my mom is coming up for lunch and will then hang with the baby while we go see “Bad Words”.

    Speaking of, if you haven’t seen Batemen on The Daily Show, you need to watch it. Especially if you are A) Jewish, B) have friends or family who are Jewish, or C) have otherwise attended a seder. It is literally piss-your-pants funny:

  5. Tod Kelly says:

    I’m doing the corporate-spouse thing and cooking for a dinner party schmooze-fest at our house tomorrow night. Tomorrow day will be starting to think about what the hell I’m going to serve.

    A bit of sweet-sixteening and elite-eighting as well.

    Sleep. Definitely sleep.Report

  6. Will Truman says:

    We’re recovering from Vegas. A trip that, I am sad to report, did not go very well. (I’ll link to the recap whenever I post it.)Report

  7. Mike Dwyer says:

    At the moment I am trying to distract myself from the Louisville-Kentucky game so my heart doesn’t give out. Hopefully I’ll have someone to root for on Sunday…

    Other than that maybe taking the dogs to the park. Need to put away camping gear from two weeks ago and prep for my new position which starts in one week. Khakis, polos and dress shirts to wash and iron. Chores, TV and maybe going to go see 300.Report