Damn Yankees!



Murali did his undergraduate degree in molecular biology with a minor in biophysics from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He then changed direction and did his Masters in Philosophy also at NUS. Now, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Warwick.

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  1. Avatar NewDealer says:

    I got the late 80s time period right! This would be played on a classic rock station in the US.Report

  2. Avatar Chris says:

    Oh man, I saw them live. I had never smelled that much hair spray, and have not smelled that much hair spray since.Report

  3. Avatar Glyph says:

    Radio here is useless for discovering anything (very narrowly programmed, and chock-full of ads), so I never listen to it. I get better results trawling through random related videos on YouTube.

    Like these guys, from your neck of the woods:


    • Avatar Jonathan McLeod in reply to Glyph says:

      I’m in the same boat as Glyph. Ottawa radio, generally, sucks (and that’s an objective truth, Sam!).

      I used to make a point of watching and recording The Wedge, a show on MuchMusic that (after going through various iterations) showed some really great otherwise-unknowable videos, like this (until it was used for a commercial a decade or so later):

      It’s also how I caught on to M83:


      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Jonathan McLeod says:

        I must have seen whatever that commercial is because I know that Cloud Room song. It kinda makes me think of Wolf Parade (hey, remember when everybody was hyping them to be a big deal?) doing a cover of “This Corrosion”.


  4. Avatar Hoosegow Flask says:

    I can’t remember the last time I discovered something new from the radio. Apart from kids movies my daughter watches (Let It Go really gets stuck in your head), I probably get most exposure from video games. Especially games like Saints Row or GTA where the soundtrack becomes an integral part of the experience.

    Pandora probably comes in second, but I haven’t made time for it in a while.

    TV would be a distant third. I occasionally hear something I like on SNL or a late night show, but I watch those infrequently. I once searched for a song I was annoyed by from a Mastercard commercial they kept playing over and over again. I ended up liking the song once I heard the full version.Report

  5. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    Different band, but since Tommy Shaw wrote and sang it, I’m gonna plug “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man).” I love the Main Street Electrical Parade interludes in that song.Report

  6. Avatar notme says:

    Ted Nugent rocks!!Report