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Will Truman

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  1. greginak says:

    Well to be fair most of the cribs in Vegas are likely used for kinky sex play rather then actual babies. So the market is going to reflect the importance some people would put on fetish tools.Report

  2. Aaron says:

    Related: Why, if you’re renting for more than a couple of days, it’s cheaper to buy a child/booster seat than to get one from a car rental company, assuming you can find a way to get to a store….Report

  3. Kazzy says:

    We’re in the process of planning our first real trip with the baby. Our current plan is to rent a two-bedroom apartment on the beach. We can maybe finagle the Pack-and-Play onto the plane. Though I’m tempted to pull one of the twin mattresses off the beds in the second bedroom, set it up on the floor, and hope for the best.

    You are absolutely right though that you start doing all sorts of weird calculus that you never did before once the baby is in play.Report

    • Patrick in reply to Kazzy says:

      Pack and play is one checked bag. Totally worth it.Report

      • Kazzy in reply to Patrick says:

        Good to know. Thanks, @patrick !Report

      • Kazzy in reply to Patrick says:

        FWIW, while researching this same situation for our upcoming beach rental, the owner pointed us towards a local company that rents just such items. A pack-and-play costs $25 for the week, meaning we can rent it for less than the cost of checking it and don’t have to lug it around. They also rent a bunch of other baby stuff and some other things someone might want while renting a vacation home. I wonder how common such companies are. If they aren’t that common, there might be a real money-making opportunity. The only hesitation I can imagine would be possible liability.Report