And then there were four


Russell Saunders

Russell Saunders is the ridiculously flimsy pseudonym of a pediatrician in New England. He has a husband, three sons, daughter, cat and dog, though not in that order. He enjoys reading, running and cooking. He can be contacted at blindeddoc using his Gmail account. Twitter types can follow him @russellsaunder1.

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45 Responses

  1. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    Three infants at once? You’re a better man than I am (in yet another way.)Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Irish triplets! Wonderful! Congratulations!Report

  3. Congratulations! I only know you from your online OP’s and comments, but all four of those kids and the better half sound like really lucky people.Report

  4. Avatar J@m3z Aitch says:

    Awesome. Congratulations.Report

  5. Avatar Glyph says:

    Congrats and my sincere admiration. Y’all are doing a good thing and they are lucky kids.

    That said, as I gaze at my three little ones (two still in diapers), it strikes me that *four* represents a level of insanity that makes anti-vax conspiracy theorists look downright reasonable. Good luck dude, you are going to need it.Report

  6. Avatar NewDealer says:

    Here is what I will say as a twin:

    Don’t dress them alike.Report

  7. Avatar Kazzy says:


  8. Avatar dhex says:

    totes crazotes but contgratatotes!Report

  9. Avatar Chris says:

    Congratulations! I weep for your sleep schedule, though.Report

  10. Avatar aaron david says:

    Four? You sir, are a brave man!

  11. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    How do you come up with your kid’s nicknames?Report

  12. Avatar greginak says:

    congratulations. i think i’ll take a nap, read a book and go out for a quiet dinner in your honor.Report

  13. Avatar Will Truman says:

    Congrats! With three brothers and two dads, you daughter will be more well versed in boys and men than a lot of her peers! If we adopt a #2 and #3 we well have to talk to you about your agency!Report

  14. Replying generally:

    1) Thanks to all for the good wishes and congratulations. They are deeply and sincerely appreciated.

    2) Nobody has a greater sense of how truly bananas we must be than I do.

    3) Family Dinner #1 has gone well. So, y’know… that’s one horse ridden.

    4) Critter’s nickname comes from a beloved movie wherein a madcap “adoption” takes place; it is the nickname I had in mind for a child from the moment I considered being a parent. Squirrel’s comes from “vaguely wild-life related nickname for a small creature.” Pip and Squeak sprang immediately to mind, particularly given that Squeak most certainly does.Report

    • Avatar LeeEsq says:

      Ah. I thought you were just giving your kid’s rodent, a class of mammal that I happen to find cute*, associated nick-names.

      *Can’t beat lemurs and pandas though. The fox is still number one for best looking mammal.Report

  15. Avatar Maribou says:

    The best of reasons, and congratulations to all six of you!Report

  16. Avatar Rod says:

    Congrats! My parents had my three oldest siblings in as many years. You’ll work it out. Of course that’s about ALL you’ll be doing for awhile…Report

  17. Avatar zic says:

    Oh my. Blessings. Many, many blessings.

    Congratulations, Doc, Better Half, Critter, and Squirrel, for the exponential growth of love in your hearts. And Pip and Squeak, for having the good sense to find family so fine.

    I think a baby shower is in order. How does one go about organizing an on-line baby shower?Report

  18. Avatar EB says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you and your family. As the father of twin toddlers, good luck! (For the record, best advice I got was to join the local mothers of twins association (maybe the name needs some work…)–at least in Boston they have terrific tag sales, and two of everything adds up quick!)Report

  19. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Casa Saunders will be enjoyably quiet again.

    In about eighteen years. Until then, bedlam.

    Totes congrats & you guys are nuts. In a good way.Report

  20. Avatar Darwy says:

    Congratulations on your expanding family!

    Hopefully Pip and Squeak settle down nicely and start sleeping through the night as soon as possible, and that Squirrel comes to love her little brothers as much as they’ll love annoying the hell out of her when they’re older!

    I think it’s awesome Critter is happy for more kids! (My brother hated me when I was born.)

    A busy house is a happy house!Report

  21. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Congratulations. I had no idea. You will be missed at leaguefest.Report

  22. Avatar Lisa R. says:

    Hooray! Lucky kids and lucky you!Report

  23. Avatar Patrick says:

    Well, congrats on your most excellent developments, sir!Report

  24. Avatar North says:

    You’re out of your mind. Congratulations, find your sleep where you can.Report

  25. Congratulations!!!

    You, sir, are a far braver soul than I. I attribute this to your lack of interest in most things sports-related. I simply cannot imagine having any more than two – and I only have the one. With two, you at least can choose between playing man-to-man defense and zone. Once you have three, you can only play zone. But four? You’re going to constantly be trying to defend a fast break. For, like, the next 12-15 years.Report

    • Avatar Kazzy says:

      I enjoy that you note his lack of sports interests and proceed to use a rather complicated sports analogy.

      When I realized that Mayo’s due date (and eventual birthday… like his father, he’s very punctual) would coincide with the Final Four, I attempted to talk to the OB/GYN about it.

      It did not go well.Report

  26. I’ll just add my vacation-delayed public congratulations here, because I already conveyed my sincerest, not-at-all-tardy ones in private.Report

  27. Avatar Zane says:

    Congratulations, and congratulations particularly to your children, who have a family now! 🙂Report