Monday Trivia No. 154 [Alan Scott wins!]


Burt Likko

Pseudonymous Portlander. Homebrewer. Atheist. Recovering Republican. Recovering Catholic. Recovering divorcé. Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Ordinary Times. Relapsed Lawyer, admitted to practice law (under his real name) in California and Oregon. On Twitter, to his frequent regret, at @burtlikko. House Likko's Words: Scite Verum. Colite Iusticia. Vivere Con Gaudium.

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18 Responses

  1. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    I still need to figure rout which person goes next, but I am pretty damn sure it involves the Simpsons.

    My first blush guess: Harlan Ellison.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    Wesley Snipes.Report

  3. Avatar Glyph says:

    Randy Quaid (it’s the star-whackers’ “to-do” list).Report

  4. Avatar Pinky says:

    “Two possibilities exist” – one male and one female?Report

  5. Avatar Stillwater says:

    Kevin Bacon?Report

  6. Avatar Alan Scott says:

    George ClooneyReport

  7. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Here’s your Tuesday hints a bit early (I’m going to be really busy tomorrow anyway): “Two possibilities exist” — both are male. One man is dead, the other man is not. Once you figure out the rule behind the puzzle, identifying both should be a trivially easy exercise.

    Wesley Snipes would appear on this list, but much further down. Everyone else thus far mentioned (Kevin Bacon, Harlan Ellison, and Randy Quaid) would not appear on the list at all.Report