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  1. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    When I woke up this morning I thought Junior had slept in until 7:00! One of life’s cruel jokes. 🙁

    I just finished The Reason I Jump for work. Today or tomorrow, depending on when I finally get home, I will start Hands Free Mama, which is also for work.

    I will start season two of House of Cards this week. I will! Once that starts I’m sure I’ll be up until 4:00 am finishing it. When is the leaguecast for it?Report

  2. Avatar Will Truman says:

    I’m pounding my way through Broken Bad. I’m on Season 2. I have to watch some of these shows before the Lain can start watching and understanding them!Report

  3. Avatar Maribou says:

    a little bit of bones, a little bit of various books, the whole thing of a novel for 11 year olds about tae kwon do…

    not much this week.Report

  4. Avatar Glyph says:

    I loved Sledge Hammer! back in the day.

    Tonight is the True Detective S1 finale. Hoping they stick the landing.

    Hannibal is killing it (geddit?) this season so far.

    Justified has had an uneven season.Report

  5. Avatar zic says:

    I just finished House of Cards. Despicable characters; anyone with any redeeming qualities is basically a doormat or dead; and none of the main characters have any arc of moral growth.

    I’m now watching season 1 of Farscape, which I’m quite enjoying. Claudia Black shines; though she seems to have played the exact same character in Stargate SG1.

    I’m continuing with Revolution, I can’t begin to imagine where this show is going. At least I like some of the characters. I have the same complaint here with Elizabeth Mitchell that I have with Claudia Black — same character she played in Lost.

    /this TV watching thing is new to me; since we don’t have Cable and live in a bowl with only one broadcast station (PBS) available via the airwaves. Good entertainment while I sit and knit on projects that require large time investments. I’m still looking for other good shows and movies, and welcome recommendations.Report

    • Avatar Jason Tank says:

      I consider Claudia Black in Stargate (trickster rogue) and Black in Farscape (dedicated soldier) to be very different characters. Ben Browder, however, could be playing the exact same character in both shows. He’s just somewhat more restrained in SG1.Report

      • Avatar zic says:

        I can see that.

        I think I was referring to the same character in terms being one of the powerful race, now isolated, and hiding from the powerful race.Report

    • Avatar James K says:

      @zic @jason-tank

      I’m with Jason. Varla and Aeryn are practically the opposite of each other. Crichton and Mitchell on the other hand are effectively the same. This is especially true if we’re talking about Season 1 Farscape.Report

  6. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    Finishing up House of Cards, which somehow feels like it went from being a MacBeth tale about how power corrupts to a thriller where I think I’m supposed to be rooting for the most evil characters. Also just started the second season of Downtown Abbey. (Catching up, Russell!)

    And of course, there are those shows I watch on DVR soon after they air each week, which right now is Justified, The Blacklist, Archer, and True Detective. I need to get caught up on B5 so I can contribute in the book club.

    I am almost done reading Blood Will Out, which is fascinating. It’s non-fiction by the guy who wrote the novel Up In the Air (which had a George Clooney movie made of it), and it’s about his decade-long friendship with a rich, eccentric Rockefeller — who ended up not being a Rockefeller at all, but a conman who was also both a psychopath and a murderer. Just starting Wind Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami, though I don’t know why. I felt totally trolled after reading 1Q84.

    On Tuesday I will be able to pick up two books I have on order that I’m pretty excited about: A Night in Shanghai, and What Do You Buy the Children of Terrorists Who Tried to Kill Your Wife?, which was a recommendation by the always fabulous Maribou.Report

    • Avatar Maribou says:

      I loved The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Hope you enjoy it.Report

    • Avatar North says:

      Also finished House of Cards.
      Agreed, it’s amazingly well done but who the fish are you supposed to be rooting for? The whole show is set up so you hold your breath in various moments? Like you’re afraid that people -will- start unravelling the schemes back to the main characters and they’ll end up in jail.
      I mean why should we root against that? Maybe in Season 1 it made more sense because it was kindof petty and frankly the “good guys” were idiots and naifs. Season 2 though the stakes are higher and I don’t think the show even tried to convince us that the “good guys” were worse than the Underwoods.

      Also what the fish is season 3? A through the glass darkly version of The West Wing?Report

      • Avatar Will Truman says:

        @north In Season Two of the UK version, Urquhart got into a feud with the King. So I suspect Season Three of our version will involve Elvis’s ghost somehow…

        (Actually, I suspect Dark West Wing is what it’s going to be. Or Shameless West Wing, more like.)Report

  7. Avatar ScarletNumbers says:

    Why David Rasche fell off of the face of the Earth is an interesting question.Report

  8. Avatar Chris says:

    Oh man, I remember Sledge Hammer. Reminds me of Hunter. Now I need to watch some 80s TV.

    Just started The Sleepwalkers. Started watching Bates Motel, which is… disturbing.Report

  9. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    I keep telling myself I need to finish S2 of House of Cards, but most of my TV watching lately has been background to other stuff, and that does not work for House of Cards. I did finally force myself to sit down at watch the final episode of season 3 of Sherlock.

    I finished up Crown of Swords last week, then I polished off the rest of Small Gods. I was having trouble keeping up with the Orbology schedule, so I just decided to plow through to the finish. Now I am starting on Path of Daggers.

    Last week also finished up my third time reading Preacher. I must say it no longer has the appeal it did for a younger me. So much of the content just seemed to be shocking for the sake of being shocking. However, the action movie parody with Jody and T.C. is still one of the funniest things I have read.Report

  10. Avatar Fish says:

    Started volume 1 of The Gulag Archipelago and book 1 of the Dragonlance Lost Chronicles: Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. If you read the original Dragonlance series, the Lost Chronicles tell the stories that happened “off-camera” in between the books (how the Hammer of Kharas was found, how the first Dragon Orb and Dragonlance were recovered, what Raistlin did after ha abandoned his brother and his friends before their ship sank in the Maelstrom).Report