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5 Responses

  1. Avatar NewDealer says:

    A few weeks ago I was playing Phantasy Star IV but stopped. I seem to prefer old school RPGs to any new game for some reason. I stop around Final Fantasy XII. New games take up way too much time. I stopped PSIV because I tend to be interested and then lose it. Maybe I will start again.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      Wasteland 2 is coming out soonish. I think. It’s in Alpha, anyway. When *THAT* comes out, it will truly be awesome.

      I hope.Report

    • Avatar Reformed Republican says:

      I have been playing Phantasy Star IV as well. However, over the last week, most of my gaming has been Guild Wars 2. I plan to get back to Phantasy Star soon, and I want to finish it before I start the new Shadowrun Returns campaign.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    South Park was one of my favorite games on the old Nintendo 64. It was delightfully cheesy in all the right ways.Report