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  1. NewDealer says:

    Seeing The Great Beauty with friends tomorrow night. Gonna get my cinema snobbery on. Forever art houseReport

  2. Will Truman says:

    I hope to be doing a Leaguecast with a couple others on House of Cards, which I will be finishing tomorrow.

    Lots of cleaning to be done.

    Clancy has Saturday and Sunday off, which is actually a shift from her “usual” “weekend” of Friday and Saturday. I’d kind of gotten used to the Fri-Sat weekends because she’d go to work and it would feel like Monday and then it would be all like “Hey, I have another weekend day!”Report

  3. KatherineMW says:

    Planning to watch some of my Game of Thrones Season 3 DVDs and check out the actor commentaries, which are sometimes fun.Report

  4. Maribou says:

    I am at work until 2 am. Then I have my internship in the late morning / early afternoon. Then I plan to spend most of the weekend in bed doing homework and recovering from various travails. Said travails hopefully won’t include Saturday evening, which I think will be fun (if nothing else, the part where Fish comes over with wine after we get back from the family thing will DEFINITELY be fun).Report

  5. Rod says:

    Hoping to make it home tonight or tomorrow. Last chance to see my daughter before she flies off to Peru. She got funded to go down there and finish a project that was the brainchild of her academic advisor. Tragically, he passed away in January, much too young. Really hit her hard.

    I confess to being a bit vague on what the project actually entails. It’s about this really small and poor village up in the mountains that got hammered by an earthquake some years back and recovering from that. I guess. Anyway, daughter is a geographer, heavy into GIS mapping and satellite data interpretation, so that’s relevant somehow. Several years of Spanish helps, too. She’s sort of the group interpreter.

    Maybe I can talk her into throwing together a GP, maybe from editing down an academic paper or something when she gets back? Yeah, Dad’s sorta proud.Report

    • Kazzy in reply to Rod says:

      I hope you make it back in time, @rod .Report

      • Rod in reply to Kazzy says:

        Thanks. It’s probably the most recurring hassle in my job. My company has a bunch of terminals but I live midway between Denver and KC. Sans really good reason, like Christmas or something, they don’t want to send you home empty more than 150 miles or so. So I either have t i get a load that delivers close enough to the house, which isn’t easy, or grab something that goes past with two or three extra days on it, again not easy.

        At least the cost of living is relatively cheap.Report

    • Patrick in reply to Rod says:

      Dude, I totally want to hear about this project.Report

  6. Kim says:

    How’s this?

    From the 5 seconds I spent reading over someone’s shoulder on the bus, hyperattunedness to training (people who bulk up more) tends to correlate with hyperactive immune systems.Report

  7. Kazzy says:

    We are going to Brooklyn Brewery for Zazzy’s cousin’s 30th birthday. We’ll be ditching Mayo with my parents and enjoying an adult afternoon in the city. If you haven’t been to BB, it’s pretty cool. On some evenings and weekends, they open up the warehouse, setup picnic tables, and sell beer fresh off the line at a pittance (I believe $20 gets you 4 or 5 drinks, which is practically free by NYC standards). They don’t have a kitchen, so you can bring your own food or order pizza. And they do tours as well. Very much looking forward to that.

    Sunday, they are predicting more snow. Ugh.Report

  8. Miss Mary says:

    Apparently I’ve taken a second job, so I’ll be doing a bit of that this weekend. It pays well and I get to expand to working with child(ren) with disabilities, not just adults like I have in the past. I will also be responsible for my niece this weekend, but really she is about old enough to babysit Junior, so I see additional benefits to our visit.

    I may have given myself a treat away from it all last night in order to make up for the added responsibilities I have this weekend. Because I’m a freaking genius, that’s why!Report

  9. Patrick says:

    Saturday the Titans have their playoff game, followed by the championship game for the runner-up division if we win.

    And then I’m done with coaching.

    If I get a day without rain (not that I want one, particularly, we really need rain) I’ll finish Jack’s desk.

    I’m almost done with A Feast For Crows, I figured I could start re-reading the series now. I hope I don’t regret it, George.Report

    • Mike Schilling in reply to Patrick says:

      I reread the first four in preparation for ADwD. I enjoyed AFFC much more on the reread (other than the Brienne chapters, which still seem pointless.) I’m hoping the same will be true when I get around to rereading A Dance With Dragons.Report

    • James Hanley in reply to Patrick says:

      I finally started the series and am in Clash of Kings. It’s a great story, but I don’t think much of his writing. It’s often stilted and turgid, the fondness for alliterative names (Bob, err, Bran the Builder, Daenarys the Daughter of Dragons!) seems juvenile, his description of action unmemorable and his description of sex like a bashful boy trying to be naughty, and my god is the story dragging slowly at this point.

      I don’t know if I’ll pick up the third book or not. I’m glad our library has them, though, so I’m not actually paying.

      Please tell me it gets better?Report

  10. Mike Schilling says:

    If he’s interested in baseball, this is awesome. It’s about the lifelong friendship of Ted Williams and three of his Rod Sox teammates. Williams was a really difficult personality: resentful, hard-headed, a perfectionist, disdainful of anyone less talented than he was (which is pretty much everybody else *). You could write him off as the biggest jerk this side of Barry Bonds, except that three of the nicest men who ever played the game were able to see through all that and love him anyway, and he was eventually able to fully return it.

    * Williams was world-class not only as a hitter but also as a fighter pilot, which is why after having served in WWII he was called back to fly again in Korea.Report

    • Kazzy in reply to Mike Schilling says:

      In grad school, a girl in my class had the last name Halberstam. Turned out to be her daughter. She didn’t seem interested in discussing her father the one time I brought it up (this was less than a year after his death). But, yea, read anything he wrote.Report

  11. Mike Schilling says:

    I had some minor eye surgery on Monday, and I’m waiting for my vision to stabilize at its new normal, whatever that turns out to be. It’s a bit frustrating, because while my distance vision and night vision are much improved , I can’t read without either strong reading glasses or REALLY BIG TEXT.Report

  12. zic says:

    Just hoping the next snowmageddon passes south. If we’ve got to keep sitting in the polar vortex, least it can do is keep the snow away. (It’s a balmy 12? right now.)

    We have more then enough, already, thank you very much.

    I’ll be sitting by the woodstove, knitting and surfing the web. Just finished Lost, and am now in search of the next binge. Might do House of Cards in prep for a League event mentioned by Tod upthread.Report

    • Will Truman in reply to zic says:

      My eliquid producer has announced that he’s relocating to Florida (from New Jersey) because of the weather this past year. I thought “Man, there’s somebody that really doesn’t like the cold.”Report

  13. Mike Dwyer says:

    Getting a new kitchen floor installed this morning. Vinyl tiles (fairly new product on the market) with grout. Very excited to get rid of the crappy white linoleum that was put in when the house was built. Seriously, white linoleum in a kitchen should be illegal. You simply cannot keep it looking clean.

    Trivia night tonight and then lots of chores for tomorrow plus a new recipe in the smoker. We will also be prepping for what they are calling the ‘most significant winter storm of the season’. Ice, rain, snow. Monday morning will be interesting and if Mother Nature is kind we will still have power as temps are supposed to get down close to zero. I love cold weather but even I am about ready for spring.Report