Daily Archive: February 24, 2014

Maybe He Doesn’t Really Want to be Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau–Liberal leader, charmer, philosopher prince–isn’t having such a good go of it. The Grits just wrapped up their policy convention, which (since it was in the middle of the Olympics*) I didn’t really...

The Latest Right Wing Meme to Make it Big

The FCC is preparing to send monitors into newsrooms across America, threatening the First Amendment rights of journalists everywhere. Or maybe not. Kevin Drum has the story here. I know I shouldn’t be amazed...

The End of Love

Or, to be more exact, the end of the Love Symposium. Gratitude, teasers, and Madeleine Peyroux after the jump. You should also consider it an open thread.

Monday Writing Prompt: Let’s Go Exploring!

Load your flintlock, sharpen your tomahawk and let’s head off into the American West. Coonskin caps are optional but don’t forget your buckskins and a good pairs of moccasins.

Yes, It Matters.

Jason Collins — much like Michael Sam — matters.

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