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  1. Tod Kelly says:

    The past two weeks have been… difficult, so I’m tempted to give into my ancestral heritage and drink myself into a stupor. Or maybe a coma.

    And maybe starting Downtown Abbey.

    I am hopeful I can do both simultaneously.Report

  2. zic says:

    Orlando arrived today, so the weekend will be some reading, some knitting and watching Lost (which feels rather like a Neil Stephenson novel to me, or like Ubik), and some time with my younger sprout, just returned from Florida looking tall, dark and mysterious.Report

  3. James Hanley says:

    Gee, I don’t know.

    I should complete the rewiring of the pantry (I finally ripped out the last of the old post and tube wiring weeks ago and did get the dining room light in), but I probably won’t.

    There’s always work to catch up on, but who wants to do that?

    I’ll probably try to get rid of some of the wicked ice in our driveway that made my employer revoke my medical insurance for as long as I persist in trying to walk across it to get to my car. Where the icicles melted off the roof it’s literally 10 inches thick and lumpy–and because our driveway is so small, I really have no choice but to walk across the to get to my car door. So that’s probably a priority.Report

  4. KatherineMW says:

    Watching the Olympics!

    Amazing hockey game today – I thought we’d lost it, and was happily shocked when our women managed to pull off the win. Our women’s curling team won gold, too, with both teams going undefeated. I think that has to be some kind of record.

    Also very happy that Carolina Kostner of Italy won the bronze in the figure skating – she had such a hard time in Torino and Vancouver, and she’s retiring after this, so it was lovely to see her skate beautifully and earn a medal. She looked like a angel in her short program.Report

  5. Damon says:

    Hot date on Sat
    Friend “date” on Sunday-a rockin high end craft show.Report

  6. Reformed Republican says:

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with scatological interpretations of Elimination Chamber, and following last month’s Royal Rumble, one might argue they are even more appropriate.

    My original plans for this weekend were to start boardgaming again, but unfortunately my group fell through. Now, my plan is to visit some local hobby shops and see if I can find a way to get a group together through them. Really, the worst part about moving was leaving my gamer friends behind. I have a large collection of games, and some large kickstarter purchases that will be coming over the next year, and they need to get some use.Report

    • Orton’s going to win. They’re setting him up to lose at WM30. I just know it.Report

      • Jaybird in reply to Jaybird says:

        Holy cow! Shield vs. Wyatts was *AWESOME*.

        Heck, the crowd was awesome! (If that crowd is representative of the WWE universe at large, the office is doing some things very, very right and some other things very, very wrong.)Report

      • Reformed Republican in reply to Jaybird says:

        I started watching WWE after a long hiatus a couple months after last year’s Mania. This is one of the top PPVs I have seen in that time. The worst match on the card was Batista v Del Rio, and since it involved Del Rio mauling Batista, it made it okay. I was not expecting a good match with Batista involved, so it was cathartic.

        The big question is, are they going to shoehorn Bryan into a triple threat match and give him the belt at Mania? The ending seemed to suggest it, but this past year has taught me to expect disappointment.

        Hogan returns tonight, and he is only hosting Wrestlemania, not wrestling. I am excited to see that. WWE network is launching, and there is so much content to watch. It is a good time to be a mark.Report

      • Jaybird in reply to Jaybird says:

        I wanted the Wyatts to drop a limp Daniel Bryan over Cena and say something like “You never stop being Family” and then continue with the finish.

        I mean, if we’re going to have a schmozz for the last match (the match for which the PPV is *NAMED*), might as well have a right proper schmozz.

        And Dave was *EXACTLY* who I was thinking of when I said “very, very wrong”.

        Freakin’ HHH.Report

  7. Will Truman says:

    As of today, I haven’t had a cigarette in six months.

    I find myself not missing them and genuinely preferring the ecigs. Even if healthiness were not an issue. I don’t have to worry about the odor nearly as much, or the when/where. More taste variety.

    The biggest downside is the inconsistency. When you pick up a cigarette, light it on fire, and breathe in the smoke, it’s pretty consistent. There are no mechanical parts to replace and no malfunctions. The only real differentiation is “Have I had a whole bunch recently?”

    The ecigs I am currently using have coils that have to be replaced every so often. About every three days on average (I actually have a rotation of three that I use concurrently for different flavors, and replace them after nine or ten days). Since the coils aren’t particularly cheap ($2.50 a piece, but that adds up), I’m trying to go as long in between placing them as I can. I was about ready to replace one for yesterday then out of nowhere it started working great. So great that I think I might be able to wait until tomorrow… but then today it seems to not be working so good. Do I replace it? Tomorrow it may be good again.Report

  8. Mike Schilling says:

    Taking my daughter out for her birthday to see Colin and Brad from Whose Line is it Anyway?. We saw a show with four of the other guys last year, and it was sidesplittingReport

  9. NewDealer says:

    I have to work at least one day this weekend or ten hours.

    Getting a drink with a friend on Sunday nightReport

  10. KatherineMW says:

    Wow! Great game against the Americans! On to the gold medal final!Report

  11. Glyph says:

    Apparently, updating the software on the Apple TV. I had been avoiding it, but Netflix won’t load anymore, so something had to be done.Report

    • Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

      GAH. So the whole point was to get Netflix playing again on the ATV. I reluctantly accepted the new, uglier ATV UI, just for that. Of course, I also had to update the Remote app on the iPad to work with the new ATV firmware, and that also has a crappier UI now. Yay.

      But hey, Netflix works again.


      Netflix now looks like total crap. Like dark, grainy, sub-VHS crap.

      So, great.

      I am hoping a router/network reboot will resolve it, but I can’t test that right now because there’s a baby sleeping in my office, and there would be much booping and beeping and probably cursing.

      What makes this the ultimate first world problem is, of course, not even the multiple Apple devices involved here, but the fact that both the DVD player and TV are capable of Netflix streaming. But I prefer to use the ATV Netflix app since, until recently, it had a better picture and UI than the TV one, and a better UI than the DVD player one.

      Also, I have a headache.Report

  12. Maribou says:

    I had an exceptionally productive day, so once work’s over, I am going to go home and curl up in my freshly made bed (thanks, honey) and watch a bit of Sherlock. And then SLEEP IN, if the wind allows.

    Gaming tomorrow, otherwise lots of homework. And resting up, because I have to work a bunch of near-graveyard shifts next week.Report

    • Maribou in reply to Maribou says:

      Oh, also, this is goofy, but I am super-excited to finish filling in my reading log and go to the library for my Adult Reading Program prize. Because it will be a mug. The 10th such mug, in a row, that I have been awarded.

      (It is goofy because it’s not like I read more because they give me mugs, and it’s not like I *need* public library mugs, and it’s not like I don’t read at least 5 X the number of books one is required to read during a set time period, even while I am in grad school, so it’s all a bit silly for me to do and I’m not really the target audience. but yet. I cannot freaking WAIT for that 10th mug. I <3 our local public library.)Report

  13. Slade the Leveller says:

    Running the musical gamut this weekend. Il barbiere di Siviglia yesterday with my wife, and the neighborhood heavy metal cover band tonight with just me. I told my wife I’d get my fill of caterwauling this weekend, and I wasn’t wrong.Report