Daily Archive: February 20, 2014

A Pleasant Survey

The love song survey. Results to be compiled whenever voting stops.


Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already? Indeed it is.

Did anyone see that hockey game?

[EDIT: SPOILER WARNING: Olympic Women’s Hockey Final Result is spoiled in the URL and possibly the comments. Proceed at own risk.] [EDIT: The URL should be safe now.

Lost in Translation: A Russian-American Love Story

They were born two months apart. He grew up in a three-room apartment in Leningrad during the Brezhnev era. She came of age in the stucco suburbs of sunny 1970s Southern California. How two people from opposite universes met, fell in love, and managed to stay married despite, or perhaps because of, their cultural differences.

Every Breath You Take…

Sometimes love is the vehicle for evil. Guest writer zic explains, in what might be the most powerful story Ordinary Times has ever featured.

(A warning to readers that although no graphic language is used, this post does contain disturbing subject matter.)

In Need of Your Modesty

Modesty is a virtue, but its promotion has an unwholesome side.


Small Gods from “It was a small mule and Brutha had long legs” to “They were known for it”.