U.S. Presidency–Snow Day!


James Hanley

James Hanley is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.

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10 Responses

  1. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Yay snow day! I don’t even have snow!Report

  2. Avatar dexter says:

    James, I will send you some sympathy now if you will reciprocate when we have a huge flood in a couple of months.Report

  3. Avatar dexter says:

    We live a few miles north of Baton Rouge and few miles east of the Big Muddy. I am not looking forward to a ten inch rain while there is still lots of snow on the ground up north.Report

    • Avatar James Hanley says:

      Yeah, I hear you. We’re finally starting to get a warm up, so there may be a big melt over the next week. I hope you have contingency plans.Report

  4. Avatar dexter says:

    It would take a mighty flood to get to us. Not only is our house a tad higher than average for this area, when we built the army core of engineers goofed on the flood level and made us build two feet higher than needed.
    We got our warm up day before yesterday. It is going to be in the high 70’s today.Report

    • Avatar James Hanley says:

      Then I hope you have a “zombie war” contingency plan to keep the neighbors from all simultaneously seeking refuge at your house.Report

  5. Avatar dexter says:

    We have two protections against zombies. First, my wife majored in theater and knows makeup. It would take about an hour to turn everyone into “Shaun of the Dead” extras. Two, We would be happy to take all our neighbors that needed a dry place. If we get hungry, all that is needed is a boat to get to an island filled with deer and a gun to kill some.Report