Daily Archive: February 10, 2014



Season Two, Episode 9: “The Coming of Shadows”, recap courtesy of KatherineMW


Monday Trivia, No. 151 [gingergene wins!]

More multinational trivia this week, including a complete (ish) table. Whether it’s better to be on top or on bottom of this list is to some extent a matter of opinion.


Tom Cole Warns the Redskins….

Republican Rep Tom Cole is unhappy with the Washington Redskins name and has sent a letter with Senator Cantwell urging them to change it.


The film is a saddening bore

Cinematic shorthand tends to make use of emblematic actions to visually represent certain eras: the 40s USO dance, 50s drag race, 60s protest, etc. These, usually collective, activities come to be how we visualize...