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  1. Will Truman says:

    Gotsta go shopping tomorrow for some newfangled light bulbs that are rapidly needing replacement in the basement. Newfangled isn’t a reference to the fact that they’re not the old school ones. I’ve never seen light bulks like this before. They don’t even screw in.

    Would love to get some cleaning done.Report

  2. greginak says:

    Has anybody yet mentioned there are four cross country skiers from Anchorage in the Olympics. One, Kikken Randal, was a world champion at her best distance, the sprint, last year. A couple of the others, mostly Holly Brooks, have had some good results. Because if someone else has mentioned it, i won’t bother. However if that has been overlooked i’ll just point out there are four xc skiers from Anchorage in the Olympics.

    At least Kikken’s sprint event is short and exciting so NBC probably won’t screw it up. Hell they will probably even show it.Report

  3. dragonfrog says:

    I got a new laptop the other day, deep-sixed the OEM Windows build and installed Linux yesterday, and tinkered with our network storage gizmo this morning so it will support a sensible scheduled backup regimen (which I totally should have been doing all along, but I’ve gotten lucky so far). So scattered through the weekend will be the usual new-computer tinkering and ‘now how did I set that up before’ business.

    There’s some kind of housemates and friends get-together at my wife’s boyfriend’s place on Saturday, so we’ll probably go there in the evening.

    Other than that – catch up on laundry, bottle a batch of German ale if I get to it, Sunday shift at the bike co-op.Report

  4. KatherineMW says:

    Watching the Olympics all weekend. And for the next couple weeks. Newly-added slopestyle event is really fun to watch.

    Anyone else here a big Olympics fan?Report

  5. Maribou says:

    Playing Plants vs Zombies and watching Glee tonight. Then reading and sleeping. Older car to shop (AGAIN). Breakfast with Jaybird. Homework homework homework. Gaming. Sleeping. Homeworkhomeworkhomeworkhomeworkhomework… some chores… very early bed on Sunday because I have to be at my internship around 7:30 on Monday morning.

    It’ll be a good weekend if I get all my assignments in by 5 pm Sunday, cause then I can goof off for a few hours before bed.Report

  6. Kazzy says:

    I don’t even know what day it is. I know I left NY last Sunday to drive up to MA for a job interview. I returned amidst a snow storm that had shut down my hometown. I went to work on Tuesday, leaving early to pick up a sick Mayo. Wednesday brought another snow storm that shut down school. Mayo remained sick into Thursday and I stayed home with him that day, too. I returned to work on Friday and then had to run around all afternoon getting medicine for the still sick boy. All in all, two days of work, 10 hours on the road, one day interviewing at another school, two days home with a sick child, very little sleep… I’m really hoping that today is the weekend because, if it’s not, I’m officially late for work.Report

  7. Anne says:

    Just got our new mattress delivered!!!!!!!!!!!! I see some serious nap time occurring this weekend. Now maybe both of us can wake up and not feel 800 years old I’m too young to feel like sh*t in the morningReport

  8. Mike Dwyer says:

    I need to go laptop shopping. We are still rocking a PC we bought in 2006 (Vista) and it has lately started giving me some warning signs that it is soon to melt down. I look at the cost verses life of a laptop and it seems reasonable but I always feel like I have no idea what i am doing when I choose one. Ugh…Report

    • Will Truman in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      @mike-dwyer If you have any interest in Thinkpads, I’m your guy. I would be glad to assist you in any way I can otherwise, though I haven’t bought a non-Thinkpad since 1998. (Except once I bought a Toshiba for work, but let us never talk about that experience again.)Report

      • Mike Schilling in reply to Will Truman says:

        +1 on the Thinkpads. Lenovo has done a heckuva job keeping the quality right where IBM’s was.Report

      • @mike-schilling I simply can’t imagine getting something else unless I have to. I do wish they would work on turnaround times and availability. When I evangelize, one of the most frequent things I hear is “I tried them, but they said they couldn’t have one built for 6-8 weeks!”Report

      • Mike Dwyer in reply to Will Truman says:


        Thanks for the offer to assist. Our management uses Thinkpads at work and so I am familiar with them, however this dilemma solved itself. My father-in-law had a nearly-brand-new HP 2000 laptop that he wasn’t using and he offered it to me for longterm loan. If I like it we’ll probably just purchase it from him. I’m mainly just going to be using this for blogging and other internet-based work so it should solve my problem.

        Have the Thinkpads gotten any bigger? The ones we have at work have tiny screens on them. I don’t know if I could work like that all the time.Report

      • Most Thinkpad monitors are either 14″ or 15″. They don’t have as many of the 17″ monitors that others make, and those they do have tend to be expensive. They do have 12″ monitor ones, though 14″ and 15″ are their bread and butter.Report