Blogging the Abbey: Episode Four


Rose Woodhouse

Elizabeth Picciuto was born and reared on Long Island, and, as was the custom for the time and place, got a PhD in philosophy. She freelances, mainly about disability, but once in a while about yeti. Mother to three children, one of whom is disabled, two of whom have brown eyes, three of whom are reasonable cute, you do not want to get her started talking about gardening.

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  1. Avatar Patrick says:

    Lord Crumpetcrumb-on-Trivet

    Best line on the internet today award!Report

  2. Avatar Pub Editor says:

    Small thing: now that Anna Bates is a lady’s maid to Lady Mary, people should be calling her Bates now, yes? If I am not mistaken, according to the insanely strict and proper protocol of the time, members of the staff should be addressing her as “Mrs. Bates” (just like Miss O’Brian), and members of the earls’ family would address her as “Bates.”

    But the other characters (upstairs and downstairs) don’t seem to be doing that — it’s still “Anna.”

    Maybe it would be too confusing (for the fans?) to have two people addressed as Bates? Maybe it’s that they spent the first two seasons calling her “Anna” and the change would be too confusing?

    Or is it supposed to be a signal that Anna Bates does not care as much about that sort of thing? Contrast with Thomas softly correcting Tom Branson a few episodes back: “It’s Burroughs now, sir, but of course I’ll be happy to get you a drink…”

    Am I missing something?Report

  3. Avatar Maribou says:

    I … actually don’t have to wait to find out. Because my season pass on Amazon gave me access to all the episodes already. It’s weird. (Also, they misnumbered all the episodes (off by 1), which was confusing as heck until I figured it out.)

    Excellent recap as always. I was rather satisfied that they gave Lord Grantham the upper hand over Mary and Branson this time around, although I am waiting hesitantly to see if it comes back to bite him in the butt. And I love seeing Branson and Mary with the kids (even if the kids are mostly furniture).Report

  4. Avatar daveNYC says:

    I’m getting bored of Mrs Crawley now. The writers seem to have gotten into a rut with her, it’s been nothing but ‘lost puppy of the week’ type plots so far where someone shows up with a sob story and she uses her resources and connections to Make Things Right. They need to get her a real job or a major charity to run.

    I would think that Mrs. Hughes could have come up with a middle ground between spilling everything and saying nothing. Telling Bates that Anna has done nothing wrong, and that she’s just going through a rough patch and will need Bates’ support would probably have worked. I thought the cover story was laughable. Oh no, it wasn’t the asshole valet who had been messing with Anna all day, it was some total random guy who walked the five miles from town, broke into the house, and then hid in the wine cellar (or wherever that was) to something something. Yeah.

    Branson wanting to ditch the Abby and go to America (I have family there!) makes me think that he spent too much time sniffing the leaded gas fumes.

    I hope that the plan for Thomas and the newest ECLM is just to rehabilitate Thomas’ reputation and get him some information so that he can try and make his way in a role outside the Abby. A little insider information to improve his stock trading or the like. It’s nice when there is some actual goal involved instead of an abstract quota of puppy kicks driving their actions.Report