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  1. Tod Kelly says:

    Still pushing my way through Bloodlands. I’d say “slogging” through, but it’s too well written, fascinating and thought provoking. But man, is it a dark fishing book.

    Bloodlands has also changed the way I feel about those that prove Godwin’s Law (and whatever is the Stalinist corollary to Godwin’s Law). Before Bloodlands, people comparing everyone on the other side of the aisle to Hitler or Stalin, and every policy idea from the other side to what the Nazis/Commies did in the 30s and 40s, made me want to roll my eyes.

    Now I kind of want to punch them in the face.Report

  2. NewDealer says:

    I thought drinking in Vegas was supposed to be free/heavily discounted because of the gambling. Though maybe this changed. I can get a really good and more unique cocktail for dollar to three dollars more in San Francisco.

    I’m on the third volume/seventh novel of A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell.

    For non fiction, The Magical Chorus: A History of Russian Culture from Tolstoy to SolzhenitsynReport

  3. Slade the Leveller says:

    At least you’re getting some real booze. Last weekend I paid $8 for a Negra Modelo at a fancy schmancy “Nuevo Latino” restaurant.

    Just started Dave Eggers’ The Circle. Also, re-reading P.D. James’ The Children of Men.Report

  4. Will Truman says:

    My plan last week was to avoid getting into any new programs. The goal was to encourage myself to go downstairs and try to get more cleaning done down there before my sisters-in-law came to town.

    The end result was that I ended up watching a lot of reruns. I came up with a theory that Bobby Donnell (of The Practice) and Ally McBeal (who had some flirtations during a couple of crossover episodes) were actually better matched for one another than almost any of their romantic interests on their own respective shows. They each kind of needed people like one another.

    I working through Scott Turow’s latest. I wish he were more prolific, or would do a James Patterson and outsource some writing.

    I finished a Jodi Picoult novel (Salem Falls). I have actually enjoyed both Picoult novels I read except for things here and there which I HATE WITH A PASSION. Her stories are great. Her writing kind of ticks me off.

    I wasn’t planning on participating in Small Gods because I didn’t know how I would be able to follow with the audiobook. However, I saw that someone else is doing the audiobook and marked off how far into it I should go. With that, I may just end up participating.Report

  5. Chris says:

    I started watching Chuck, because I was out of things to watch on Netflix.

    And I’m reading Le Carre, because spy stuff is fun.Report

  6. Glyph says:

    Still enjoying True Detective, though this most recent one was a little overcooked IMO. After a slow start this season, Justified seemed to find its footing this week. I have 2 Sherlocks to catch up on, and Community is just piling up on there (not sure if I care anymore on that one).Report

  7. Reformed Republican says:

    I started on American Horror Story this weekend. I am only 2 episodes in. So far, I find it okay. Unless it gets crappy, I will probably finish the season in hopes that it gets better.

    I watched part 2 of The Colour of Magick, which was satisfying. The whole time I watched the miniseries, I knew that Rincewind reminded me of someone. I finally realized it was Edmund Blackadder that he brought to mind.

    I also watched Rebuild: Evangelion 3.33. The following might be considered lightly spoilerish.

    The movie starts 14 years after the end of the second movie. Shinji and Unit 1 were kept in suspended animation in space for unspecified reasons. The world is even more of a nightmare than it was before. The status quo has been completely uprooted. Everyone hates Shinji, even more than before.

    Shinji, who had actually started to form some real connections with people, is more isolated than ever. Most of the movie involves his relationship with the boy who resembles the final angel from the original series and Shinji’s attempts to reconnect with Rei. Despite the change in setting, there are definitely still parallels to the original plot.

    This movie is slow-paced. It is bookended by a couple of action sequences, but there is little excitement in the middle.

    I got the impression that a lot of people hated the changes made, both compared to the original series, and undoing the growth that occurred in the previous Rebuild movies. I am somewhat on the fence. I really did not find a scene-for-scene retelling of the original series to be desirable, and I am much more intrigued by the attempt to create a new story. I also wonder how much of this story might have been intended for the original series, but was thrown out for budget reasons (the studio was nearly broke toward the end of the series).

    I did not hate the movie, but I will not really have a firm opinion on the changes until I see where the story ends up.Report

    • Kim in reply to Reformed Republican says:

      I hated that movie. The second installment was fun, lighthearted, and came with everything
      happy the original Evangelion lacked due to near-terminal depression.

      This? This was just trolling. I wasted my time watching it.

      It’s like Anno woke up and said “What was I doing? Right. When in doubt, Troll The Audience!”
      (you do not WANT to hear what he told some of the actors…).Report

  8. Glyph says:

    The whole household is ill so I took the day off and we are watching an OG TMNT S1 marathon; never really watched them before (a little after my time, though I recall my younger brother watching).

    Since The Boy is currently obsessed with them (and ninjas in general) I got him this DVD (the modern ones seemed potentially a little dark and scary for little kids, while this seemed more cartoon-y)?Report

  9. Kim says:

    “This pornography video is as long as Cinema Paradiso!”
    (no, i wasn’t watching the porn. I was reading the manga, in which this was discussed.
    I honestly wonder whether the author expected more than 1% of his audience to get
    the reference).Report

  10. Maribou says:

    Despite also being in Vegas, I’ve been reading a lot. Today I finished Elizabeth Hand’s short story collection, Errantry. I’m most of the way through Reed’s Down the Bright Way. I did the week’s reading for Small Gods. On the plane I read several long short stories / short novels, including Naomi Mitchison’s Travel Light, and got partway through Mindy Klasky’s Fright Court.

    I finished watching season 6 of The Big Bang Theory before we left, and am currently jonesing for an hour where I know I won’t be interrupted (or wake anyone who is SOUND ASLEEP beside me right now) so I can watch Downton.Report

  11. I just started “Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things.” I finished “Bring Up the Bodies” (which is excellent), and wanted something totally different, and that was the thing on my bookshelf that seemed to fit the bill.

    And it is certainly very different.

    I don’t know how I came to buy a copy. I saw it recommended by someone, and decided to pick it up.Report