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  1. Maribou says:

    On the one hand, I can’t believe I will be doing *homework* in fishing Vegas. On the other hand, it will be so much nicer doing my homework in Vegas. With alcohol. And nothing else to be responsible for.Report

  2. Chris says:

    SNOW DAY! This entire town is shut down because something resembling snow at levels that might be generously described as the prelude to a dusting has miraculously appeared on a few surfaces. I hope everyone has enough milk and bread to last them until early afternoon! I know that when I went to the grocery store last night, the milk and bread sections were chaos.

    Glad you two are getting out of town for non-work reasons (even if it’s work to get out of town, and at least one of you will be doing homework). Have fun! See a show. Always bet on black.Report

    • Jam3z Aitch in reply to Chris says:

      Heh, we had a bit of snow and minus 5 temps this morning, and all we got out if it was a 2 hour delay for the kids that wrecked my work plans for the morning.

      It’s a nice minus 5, though. Not bad at all.Report

    • morat20 in reply to Chris says:

      Same here in Houston. However, bear in mind:

      Houston has basically no infrastructure for dealing with snow or ice. The ability to salt road surfaces is virtually nil. And there are a LOT of bridges and overpasses.

      Being able to drive in weather below freezing — even vaguely safely — generally requires roads designed for it and properly maintained for it — which is more than just snow plows. (Also, you know, people with the right tires, and anti-freeze in their wiper fluid, etc).

      Any unusual weather does that to any city. *shrug*.

      Heck, I had to step carefully across my parking structure this morning because there are large sheets of ice right across where I *had* to walk to exit, because nobody really cared about leaking water from the upper floors to lower (better for it to drain out and it didn’t puddle much) but this morning? A millimeter of water was slick ice, and the building people don’t have anything to put on it to melt it — they’ve just laid down a few cones as best they can.

      In Denver, I doubt that’d be a problem. 🙂Report

  3. Damon says:

    I’m cleaning out crap, shredding documents, etc. Need to order some sumac for kebobs.

    Vegas? Really?Report

  4. dexter says:

    The weather has everything shut down here in Baton Rouge. There is about a 1/4 of an inch of sleet on the ground and all the bridges are shut down. The major artery through town is mostly a long bridge and since nobody around here has a clue about driving on ice it is a good thing the roads are closed.
    Question for the geeks: Since we installed a router for the new Kindle the main computer won’t load some sites and I am wondering if anybody around here has any ideas about how to fix the problem. All the phones and the Kindle will load, but the computer is slow or nonperforming.Report

    • Fish in reply to dexter says:

      I presume you’ve rebooted the computer since installing the new router? If you haven’t and the computer is getting his IP via DHCP there could be a conflict. And I presume the computer is using a wired connection? If so, try using a different cable or a different switch port on the router. Also, check the DNS settings on the router and make sure you’ve got the correct IP’s in there for your ISP’s DNS servers (or google’s DNS servers if that’s how you roll). Make sure your router is supplying DNS as well as an IP if you are indeed using DHCP. And finally (though this probably has nothing to do with your connectivity issues), make sure your DHCP lease time isn’t too short. Set your lease time to something like 86400 (24 hours) or you’ll get interruptions in service while your device’s IP gets renewed.Report

      • dexter in reply to Fish says:

        Fish, Thanks for the reply. I just wish I understood what you said. We turn off the computer when we go to bed so it is rebooted daily. I changed the splitter with a hi-def one. I have changed ports on the router and turned it off and then back on. The thing is that it works sometimes and then it won’t. I think it has to do with bandwidth. Sometimes it won’t load you tube or my crossword puzzles and then it will. I wish it was one of those things that won’t work and you replace something and it still won’t work and you fix something and then, viola, it works.Report

      • Fish in reply to Fish says:

        But I would think that if it were a bandwidth problem, you’d see the same behavior across all your devices and not just the computer. Do you have another Cat 5 cable? That’s the cable connecting your computer to the router(provided it is not also wireless…). They do occasionally fail or get damaged, especially when equipment gets moved about. Trying a different cable would be a quick and easy test.Report

  5. Glyph says:

    Vegas? You guys are so money.

    Birthday party for The Boy and his cousin, complete with dinosaur piñata and dinosaur cake.


  6. Reformed Republican says:

    No big plans this weekend beyond the usual housework and shopping. I am planning to try some LOTR LCG solo play. I have not had a good opportunity to play in a while, and I have been itching to get back to it. I am also working on gathering people so I can get a regular gaming group going again. A few coworkers are interested, so hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be back in business.Report

  7. Jam3z Aitch says:

    I have to finish a syllabus so it can get through the approval process in time for me to offer it for next fall (with registration just a few weeks away, and the set structure of meeting of the committes it has to go through, I’m really under the gun); do a shizzload of work on a PITA department review, ref a swim meet, and do my final edits on something for the OT. And I’m really sleep deprived right now, which means I’m doing nothing very well.

    Sorry; sometimes I just need to bitch a bit. But at least I get to a college hockey game tonight–we’re ranked first in the country and are undefeated. Last weekend bith games went into overtime, with a tie and a win. Fun times.Report

  8. dragonfrog says:

    Tonight, a boardgame night early in the evening, a house concert later on. Tomorrow, a friend’s birthday party that I’m not exactly sure where it is.

    We’re getting more warmth than we’re used to at this time of year – January is apparently going through a phase in which it’s trying to be a Spring month. A month ago there was no fooling 18 inches of snow on the ground, and now everything’s melting. The snow on the side streets has melted and refrozen so many times it’s down to an inch or two of extremely bumpy ice with puddles on it.Report

  9. Will Truman says:

    Austin and Baton Rouge are shut down? How cute. 🙂

    I was going to go shopping today, but Clancy needed the free car (the other one is buried in snow) so it’s going to have to wait.

    My sisters-in-law are coming to town. Which means that I will have a little more baby-free time. It also means I’m going to be spending a fair amount of today trying to clear things from the basement.

    Also, I shaved my beard, which means going outside will be less comfortable this weekend.Report

  10. aaron david says:

    Well, yesterday was my birthday, so the wife will be taking me to dinner at this steakhouse:
    This place has it’s own butcher!
    Other than that, just Aaroning around town.Report

  11. Burt Likko says:

    Mrs. Likko and I both have a touch of cabin fever and can’t wait until next month’s scheduled trip to visit family for a bit of the get-out-of-town-for-a-change-of-scenery. And it’s still unseasonably warm although not quite so warm as it was last week; and since we have a drought going on it’s pretty much guaranteed not to rain. So we’re casting about for day trip ideas.Report

  12. greginak says:

    Ice Box Canyon is a great hike in the Red Rocks area just a 30 minutes away from the strip. Beautiful canyon hike with only a tiny bit of scrambling. Vegas baby. It has better hiking then people realize.Report

  13. Patrick says:

    Bleargh. Kitty had jury duty today, she got called on the last day. She’s downtown. I’m on kid pickup patrol, leaving work early. I coach basketball tonight, I have to set my roster. Tomorrow is picture day for both Jack/my team and Hannah’s team, so everybody needs to be early and nobody will have the forms filled out and checks will be forgotten and then I have to coach and then I have to ref. I’m organizing bulk purchases of emergency water barrels so I have 14 checks to collect and swap for two checks so that I can go see the guys at the vendor and get the next order in. I made the necessary mistake of offering delivery so I need to borrow a truck and pick up for of those barrels and deliver them. Sunday one of the kids has a birthday party to go to, I don’t know which one. I still have to go to the lumber store and pick up a sheet of maple to make Jack’s desk top. A guy is passed out at the pool table to my right! THERE’S A FLY ON THE MONEY BOX!!!

    At least Monday’s Babylonia is done. I got that. Horray me.Report