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8 Responses

  1. Will Truman says:

    1) Clancy has the entire weekend off, for the first time in months.

    2) Much cleaning to be done around the house.

    3) I am trying not to get involved in any TV serials until #2 is completed (or closer to completed).

    4) Still chipping away at that book on baby sleeping.Report

  2. Mike Schilling says:

    There’s a pretty awesome football game on Sunday.Report

  3. NewDealer says:

    Three day weekend in New York visiting my girlfriend and others. I was hear last weekend as well.

    Friday night, I had dinner with LeeEsq and our dad at Five Points.

    And then I went up to my girlfriend’s place and she had the stomach flu and went down to Brooklyn again to the couch of LeeEsq.

    There will be bagels and lox for breakfast and the tentative plan is to meet my girlfriend at 1 at the Frick for a Vermeer exhibit. Tomorrow afternoon, I am having lunch with friends from grad school and hopefully my girlfriend will be recovered enough for our Sunday night dinner and we can spend the rest of Sunday and Monday together.

    I fly back to California on Tuesday.

    Long Distance Relationships are hard. Very hard especially at the new stage.Report

    • Will Truman in reply to NewDealer says:

      Clancy and I started off long-distance (well, we met in meatworld, but did not live near one another) and so I feel your pain. Glad I did it, though, obviously. I’d also learned enough from watching people around me attempt it to do it in a way that I would feel most comfortable.

      Sorry to hear about the stomach flu. When we were living in Estacado (after we were married) she did a six-month stint on a reservation. The one time I flew out to spend time with her, she was sick as a dog.Report

  4. dragonfrog says:

    Friday I went over to a friend’s place, stood around a fire and drank cider.

    Now I’m doing our taxes – this would be admirably ahead of the game, if only they were our 2013 taxes.

    I was going to grill some steaks in the unseasonably warm weather we’re having, but apparently I’ve managed misplace an entire charcoal barbecue. I don’t know how that happens.Report

  5. Maribou says:

    One car is bought, the other is being repaired. Now I “only” have a baby shower to attend, chores to do, and then there are all the errands and laundry we would’ve done yesterday if we hadn’t spent the whole day saying stuff like, “No, I said I DON’T want those options.”Report