Monthly Archive: January 2014


Bad Attorney Advertistements, Part 4

Renting a high-quality video camera setup and hiring a guy to operate it must be substantially more expensive than I would have first assumed.



Holy cow! Is it Friday already?


Linky Friday #54

This week: Sports, Jobs, Health Care, Building Stuff, Asia, and Europe!


Remote-Wiping The Work-Play Distinction

Partially, this article from the Wall Street Journal is about smartphones: In early October, Michael Irvin stood up to leave a New York City restaurant when he glanced at his iPhone and noticed it...


The Rule of Doctrine

Atheist writer Adam Lee compares the Roman Catholic hierarchy to an absolute monarchy and dictatorship, but this comparison fails to account for the role of established doctrine in the church’s teaching office.



A small god walked into a bar…


Blogging the Abbey: Episode Four

“Spoilers? What spoilers? There are no spoilers in this post,” said the lady’s maid, tenting her fingers and stifling cackles of glee.


Pop It Like It’s Hot!

This post contains no Snoop. Sorry. Hello, my name is Chris, and I like pop. No, not Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus, both of whom I would consider teen pop, but pop more broadly. In fact,...


U.S. Presidency 1: The Presidential Debate of 1787

Presidency Syllabus. Texts: – Federalist Papers 69 and 70 – Anti-Federalists 67, 70,and 74 Abstract The lack of a national executive power under the Articles of Confederation was a major factor in the weakness...