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11 Responses

  1. NewDealer says:

    I am considering going to see Wolf of Wall Street this weekend. Monday is a Holy Ghost concert. Tuesday is an NYE party, etc.Report

  2. greginak says:

    Lets make it through the Hell of Boxing Day before looking forward to College Football Holy Days.Report

  3. Tod Kelly says:

    We’ll probably take the boys to see Hobbit and maybe even 47 Ronin, and I very much want to get out and see both American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks. (I think I am happy to wait for Hunger Games 2 to come to Netflix.)

    It’s not often there is one movie out I really want to see in the theaters; four at once is pretty damn rare.

    Oh, and bowling at one of those places that has sushi and cocktails delivered to your lane today.Report

  4. Michelle says:

    Nothing too exciting. I’m headed to power yoga tomorrow morning and the Russian will be playing tennis. Saturday we’ll probably do some hiking. And some cooking. We may or may not have friends coming to town around New Years.Report

  5. Maribou says:

    Jaybird’s plans are my plans (except with less working and more sleeping in). How nice is that?Report

  6. Will Truman says:

    Party’s at the in-laws’ extended family tonight. Then I head back tomorrow to visit the folks while Clancy hitches a ride with her sister on Sunday.Report

  7. J@m3z Aitch says:

    Going to the Western Mich v. Mich hockey game tonight; a Great Lakes Invitational game, being held outside at Comerica Park as part of the NHL’s winter classic. Time to dress warm.Report

  8. Miss Mary says:

    It would appear that I’m getting older; my legal birthday (not when I like to celebrate), my little brother’s birthday, and a family member’s passing all occurred this weekend. Being on 2014, and pass the wine.Report