Daily Archive: December 18, 2013

A Fascinating Document.

The White House has released its new “Report and Recommendations of The President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies” today.

Not a Podcast

But (maybe!) sometime tomorrow morning (probably in the 7 o’clock hour), coworker Joe and I are going to get airtime for about four minutes talking about what it takes to create a WAN for...

A very brief Mon Tiki Coastal Scoon Check-in

Hello League readers and writers both! A brief check-in: I am back aboard Mon Tiki in Norfolk VA, making her ready for the inside passage to Beaufort NC through the creeks and marshes of...

The Marriage Waterslide?

From same-sex marriage to polygamy? Not really. Well, not yet, at any rate.

Deactivated Friendships

Every day I’d scroll through my feed after making sure that the page showed all activity and not only the top stories, but as my eyes passed over each status update, I rarely read every word or paused to think about the people telling me something about their lives.

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