Daily Archive: December 16, 2013

I Am Jack’s Banished Dog.

People with Aspergers might appear to not be interested in friendship, but the reality is we really desire them. The problem is that we don’t know how to do it and relationships bring a lot of stress to us because we are constantly guessing how to act and fearful we will make a mistake.

Monday Trivia #144 [Randy Harris wins!]

These nations are arranged in a certain order: South Korea, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, Italy, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, France, Slovenia, Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada,...

Is this joke offensive?

My sister was in a play yesterday about a comedian. The comedian told a particular gay joke which my sister’s lesbian friend reacted to very badly (read angry). I don’t think the joke was...

The Pols & The Polls

Steven Taylor argues that one of the main reasons that we don’t have a third party is that we have the primary process as opposed to the parties selecting its nominees: Indeed, I would...

Toxic Relationships

Masses of people agreeing to vote for officials who want to go to war, continue using the death penalty, and tend to oppose programs that would support the poor all so those officials will do little more than pay lip service to the virtue of female chastity surely isn’t the ideal arrangement for a democracy.

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