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  1. Glyph says:

    So weird. I was just watching a video this weekend, and it had a cryptic note in YouTube:

    Video produced and executed for less than $17*

    *In CanadianTire Money

    Which I assume is related to this Canadian Tire somehow?

    Anyway, here’s the video. Russian Futurists (in addition to having a pretty awesome name) used to split the difference between early, fuzzy Magnetic Fields, and the Lips:

    Such a great tune!

    Such bleak lyrics!

    I used to love those sandy beaches,
    The coconut smell of suntan lotion
    I sailed the sea
    Oh so carefree,
    I had my fun
    Under the sun

    ‘Till teeth and fins invaded,
    It was something unanticipated,
    They dragged me in
    And tore my skin,
    With missing limbs
    I tried to swim

    To sandbars or an island,
    A feeding frenzy oh so violent
    Those hammerheads
    Turned water red,
    I was a fool
    ‘Cause they swam in schools

    And from blue-green into scarlet,
    Fun loving bathers were their target
    Sandpaper skins
    And bloody grins,
    Horrific size
    With lifeless eyes

    Cut water with your dorsal,
    I bet I was a tasty morsel,
    For you to chew
    And tear in two
    And leave to die
    In the ocean blue