Open Thread: Opposite Day

Conor P. Williams

Conor Williams on Twitter. More background here.

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58 Responses

  1. Conor, do you ever worry that your unwillingness to entertain comment sections is indicative of an unwillingness to consider different viewpoints?

    Also, wouldn’t you love to see the education sector completely privatized?

    If you don’t reply, I’m going to assume that the answer to each question is, “yes”.Report

  2. Jam3z Aitch says:

    I thought this would be a good post to intentionally pose as the creepy gnome dude and @mike-schilling’s avatar for some reason is making me hungry for pizza.Report

  3. Patrick says:

    People who open comments are fascists.Report

  4. Miss Mary says:


    Fish, now that I can comment, there’s nothing to say!Report

  5. On a more serious and non-opposite-day style note:

    Ever since the recent (by a few months, I think) threads on Conor’s decision not to allow comments, I’ve tried to really examine how much my commentary is for self-regard and how much is for the purposes of advancing discussion. At least some of the time, maybe even the majority of the time, I can’t definitively say that my commentary is not for self-regard. In other words, I think I’ve learned a lot and at least for me, am partially convinced by Conor’s argument.Report