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  1. Patrick says:


    Tomorrow night recital for the after-school music program, Jack and Hannah are viola and violining respectively. Saturday morning is a double-header for Jack’s soccer season, two wins and they’re champs, two losses and they’re in fourth place, a win and a loss in any order gets a trophy. Afternoon the sistah and nephew and college buddy are over for games while the wife goes to the southern Cal chapter of the Bryn Mawr Alumni Association meeting and Sunday we get a tree.

    There will be lots of cookies all weekend, I think.Report

  2. Tod Kelly says:


    If this doesn’t sound like the most amazing news in the world, I assume this is because you don’t know my sister. And in that case you have my sympathy. She is the most awesome person ever.

    Plus it’s also my birthday, which is kind of cool since it means people will take me out to dinner and buy me books as gifts and stay up late drinking with me. Better yet, Sunday we’re having a dinner party to celebrate — and I don’t have to cook a damn thing. I just have to eat and drink and talk with interesting, witty people. That’s literally my job Sunday night.

    All in all, a weekend to look forward to.Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    This weekend will be doing some of the final prep work to get things ready for the movers to come pack on Friday. I have an aquarium that needs to be dismantled, a lawn mower that needs to be cleaned and drained, and various other tasks. I am also taking the car for an oil change and to make sure it is in shape to handle the long drive from Florida to Texas (though that does not happen until after Christmas).

    Maybe I will be able to squeeze in some fun activities into the weekend too.Report

    • I didn’t know you were moving. Work related?Report

      • Reformed Republican in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Yes. I am being transferred to Houston. It had been discussed a few times over the past few years, but the timing was not right. I wanted to go, but I could not make it work. Now, things have finally fallen into place. There is a lot more opportunity for me there, and it will also get my son into a better school system than what we have here in FL.Report

      • Tod Kelly in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Then it sounds like personal congrats are in order (which is not always the case with work transfers).

        There is something seductive about the thought of a brand new city and region to explore over time.Report

      • Miss Mary in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        I’m with Tod on the idea of exploring a sexy new city, but I lived in the Houston area for ten years and… I don’t remember anything sexy or fun about it. I’m glad your son will be getting something good out of it!Report

  4. Pinky says:

    I recently acquired a pair of ATN thermal binoculars (list price $7000) in exchange for my record collection, and I’ll be using them this weekend to track a mountain lion. Not a word of that is true.Report

  5. dragonfrog says:

    If I’m all organized and stuff, I might brew a batch of belgian-style dark strong ale. That might also end up waiting until later in the week.

    I will probably help a friend get her kitchen set up in the house she moved into recently.Report

  6. Maribou says:

    Recovering from some thyroid medication issues I had earlier in the week by resting a bunch (yay! books! yay! tv shows!) and maybe going for a long walk. And, oh yeah, this guy I live with is going to Annapolis for a month, so we will probably do a bunch of errands and maybe have a date. Then after he leaves I will be keeping busy by going to a gamelan concert. Possibly, I will see The Hobbit.


  7. Miss Mary says:

    Junior is giving me the biggest guilt trip about not having our house decorated for Christmas yet. “Mommy, why doesn’t our house have pretty lights on it?” Ugh, it’s the worst when they are all genuine and innocent. Is four years old too young to know how to manipulate someone using guilt? He must be advanced for his age.Report