Daily Archive: December 10, 2013

Wanna Bet?

Come to the second-to-the-last class. Professor Likko has a very good thing for you if you do.

Eventually we reach bottom, right?

In her latest bid for attention, Tila Tequila has started to call herself Hitla and is taking to posing in shiny silver outfits with a Swastika Armband, Death’s head SS hat, and as a giant in front of the gates of Auschwitz.


Season Two, Episode 3: “The Geometry of Shadows”.

How ‘Bout This?

With Rob Gronkowski destroying his knee on a perfectly legal low hit, there is some rumbling in NFL circles about whether such hits should be, in fact, legal.  Despite some defenders predicting that just...

How To: Get A Vasectomy

Last month, my wife and I welcomed our third and final child into the world. Our new daughter is everything a baby is supposed to be. This is good for a variety of reasons,...