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16 Responses

  1. Avatar NewDealer says:

    The Illuminaries by Eleanor Canton. I go from one long novel to another.Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Just ordered Monster on the Hill, thanks for the heads-up, The Boy might like that one.Report

  3. Avatar Maribou says:

    I watched some Weeds. Read Steelheart, and Wearing the Cape, and the first volume of RASL, and Fangirl. Reading Hild now.Report

  4. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Natasha and I watched season one of “Vikings” this weekend. Good stuff! And both the boy Vikings and the girl Vikings are really hot (when they aren’t covered in the blood of their enemies). Also fired up the fireplace for the first time.

    Oh and we had Christmas early. (We’re atheists. We can have Christmas whoever we want.) Natasha got an iPad. I got a food smoking tool.Report

  5. Avatar Glyph says:

    Watched the first couple Masters of Sex, it was pretty good.

    But I’m pretty much a Lizzy Caplan stalker, so I would think that.

    Trying to psych myself up to watch tonight’s Homeland…still some great performances, but man does that show have some serious wobble when it comes to plot plausibility at times.Report

  6. Avatar Stillwater says:

    Still plugging away at the Discworld Series. The book I’m currently reading is about Vampires and Dwarves and Sam Vimes. I don’t know even know what it’s called. I’m deep in The Disc Blur.

    Watched Take this Waltz, which both my wife and I agreed was entirely ridiculous as well as transparently misogynistic even tho written, directed and produced by women. A uniquely irritating film.Report

    • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

      The Fifth Elephant, right? Pratchett’s back on track after the WTFIW of Carpe Jugulum.Report

      • Avatar RTod says:

        You all need to stop crapping on Jugulum. It’s an awesome book, and it’s the one that solidifies Granny as the only true action hero of the Discworld.

        Plus it introduces the Nac MacFeegle.Report

      • Avatar Stillwater says:

        Yes, Mike, you are correct. I had to look it up, which is weird, since I’m the one reading the book. I’m impressed you could figure out the title without any evidence to speak of. Preternatural, it is.

        Tod, you’re WRONG. Carpe Jugulum is terrible. Awful. The worse. And there’s rumors it was ghost written. By Pratchett’s daughter. I have no idea where they started.

        You might be right about Granny-the-action-figure, tho. She rocks. In that book she rocks harder.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

        It introduced the Nac Mac Feegle and does nothing with them; it’s not clear to me why they’re in the book at all. The NMF in the Tiffany Aching books are about 1000 times as worthwhile. (“We go’ a cheap loyrrr, and we’rrr nae afrrraid t’ yooz ‘im!”)

        I read it myself a few weeks ago, and I knew where you were in the series.Report

  7. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    I am nearly finished with Wild Cards vol. 1. I am not sure what I will move onto next. Probably the next Wheel of Time book, but I am not certain.

    I am also making my way through Preacher. I have to say, I am at a different place emotionally and philosophically than I was when I first read it, and so far, it is not holding up.

    I finished up The Wire over the weekend, as well. That last season was like one slow train wreck. Every episode seemed to be calculated to make me angry at the characters.

    With that done, I decided to give Blake’s 7 a shot. It was a show I have heard was good, but I do not know a whole lot about it.Report

    • Avatar Patrick says:

      Wild Cards goes downhill, but not rapidly, so it will drag you a long way if you’re not on the lookout for it.Report

      • Avatar Reformed Republican says:

        Thanks for the heads up.

        I definitely do not see this as a series that I will devour as rapidly as possible, but more of something to visit occasionally for a change of pace.Report

  8. Avatar Kim says:

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.Report

  9. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    Knee deep in the Harry-Potter-length 1Q84, which I am loving so much I am a one-book man right now.

    Going to watch Hunger Games this week, so I know what the hell is going on when I take my son to Catching Fire next week. And I watched Iron Man 3 for the first time, and thought it could teach the whole superhero genre something if the genre is willing to learn: Hiring a great actor (not just a dreamy one) and making the majority of the movie about the person rather than the costume is the key to success. That there was so little Iron Man (until the climax) and so much Tony Stark (even in the climax) was what made that movie so much better than IM2. Also, watched Oblivion, which felt like a movie that started out wanting to be the next Moon until the director and producers chickened out and decided to just do the next Tom Cruise action flick instead.

    Had been watching Once Upon a Time, which I was enjoying for a while and then started to get bored by, so I kind of dropped out. I’ve been enjoying binging on the Blacklist, though, and catching up with Homeland, which I am enjoying despite its ever-growing decent into 24-ness. People keep saying I should watch the TV show about the time-traveleing, action-hero warrior Ichabod Crane, and assuring me that I will like it… still can’t bring myself to do it.Report

  10. Avatar Kazzy says:

    Got about halfway through “NurtureShock” on the train. It’s sort of a Freakonomics-style approach to child rearing, though seems better sourced and more thorough than the Freakonomics guys. Some very interesting stuff contained therein.Report