Walking Dead Recap: Live Bait

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6 Responses

  1. Glyph says:


    This recap I mean. That episode was ridiculous. What are these writers thinking? Don’t get me wrong, before they made The Governor go full psycho and massacree his own people last season, I thought he was reasonably interesting/well-acted. But *now* they are trying to redeem him or something?

    How did that family survive two years (or whatever it’s been) with an old infirm man on oxygen, a little girl, and absolutely no knowledge of how to handle walkers?

    Edited to add: What was up with the little girl that “doesn’t talk”, except she does?Report

    • North in reply to Glyph says:

      Well the show has firmly established that both human and walker capability in TWD vary according to the needs of the script. So one scene a human group mows down a hundred walkers, the next moment the same group freak out and get scattered by ten to fifteen, then later a father-son duo kill even more walkers and earlier a single walker whipes out an entire cell block.Report

  2. j r says:

    My one question for most of this episode: who walks anywhere in this world?Report

    • North in reply to j r says:

      Well the original implications were that there is not a ton of gas laying around.Report

      • j r in reply to North says:

        OK, but if my choice is between staying put in a secure and defensible position, with short runs to other secure and defensible positions, or taking to the road aimlessly in a truck of questionable operating condition, which could break down and leave me walking the roads aimlessly, I’m going to choose the former.Report

      • Coke-Encrusted Hollywood Exec in reply to North says:

        @j-r – Sorry, baby, your audition is a bust. With that kind of sensible behavior, there’d be no show, and this thing is RAKIN’ it in! Why, the Governor was able to just shuffle slowly around and zombies fell harmessly off the curb! Better luck next time!Report