Software Bleg: MP3 Splitter


Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.

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15 Responses

  1. Avatar Sterling Crews says:

    You can use Audacity for splitting mp3 files. It’s free, and a useful all-around mp3 editor.Report

  2. Avatar greg says:

    I second Audacity. Manipulating audio & ID3 tags is never easy. Might as well just master the workflow in Audacity.Report

  3. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    I like Direct Wave’s Mp3 Splitter. It’s pretty damn easy to use.Report

  4. Avatar Rod says:

    Related question: I’ve ripped a bunch of CD’s to MP3 to put on USB sticks. They sound great through my truck stereo except for certain CD’s where two or more songs just run together with no break on the CD, but have this annoying gap when played back from the stick. Mostly Pink Floyd and live albums. Basically I want to do the reverse of what Will’s asking for and smush two or more tracks onto one to get rid of the gap.Report

    • Avatar Glyph says:

      I know a lot of people hate/don’t use iTunes, but iTunes offers the ability to both join tracks; and break tracks into segments using start/end times. It’s fairly straightforward.Report

    • Avatar Patrick says:

      You can do this in Audacity as well.Report

      • Avatar Will Truman says:

        Can I tell Audacity to just cut it into 60-minute increments?Report

      • Avatar Patrick says:

        You know I’m not sure.

        I know you can use it to take an entire ripped sound file (say, you record an entire LP) and make track cuts at the pauses between songs, automagically. There’s a lot of other features like that; it’s more or less designed for people to do basic audio editing fairly easily.

        I don’t have any mp3s on this machine at the moment because I’m just about to move everything to a bigger hard drive so I took everything off but the system files so that I could ghost it quickly, so I can’t test it.Report

  5. Avatar Shane R. Monroe says:

    I’ve been using this forever…

    Worth every penny.Report

  6. For a little while, I used something called (I think) Goldwave for recording and editing, but that was quite a while ago.Report

  7. Avatar Random says:

    I’ve used MP3DirectCut in the past to split audiobooks. It can automatically split the file into parts of equal size, but you can also do cool stuff like pause detection to help split across chapters.

  8. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Mp3splt will do the job from the command line on Linux, OSX, and Windows. It has additional options to adjust the split time somewhat so that the break falls during a silent interval, and an option to adjust things so that you don’t end up with a final file that contains only a few seconds/minutes of audio. For .mp3, .ogg, and .flac files there’s no re-coding (serial coding degradation is a hassle).Report