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7 Responses

  1. Avatar James K says:

    I’m moving in a couple of weeks so my weekend will consist of packing any tidying up.Report

  2. Avatar Maribou says:

    I have 3 major things due for school. Only one of which is anywhere where it should be at this point in the process. So I put myself on social lockdown and cancelled all my fun plans. The entirety of my weekend will be chores, homework, and the few errands that absolutely have to happen – so, like, the grocery store, but not the comic book store (EVEN THOUGH MY COMICS ARE IN), etc.

    Ah well. Next weekend will be awesome.Report

  3. Avatar Cascadian says:

    The end is nigh here as well. There’s a rumor that Whistler will open next weekend. Even though I’ve thought they’d open early now that it’s here I’m stressed that I don’t have everything done I need to. So, a bit of running about this weekend. I’ve also got a ski wax seminar with a World Cup tech on Saturday. I’ll spend a few nights this week ironing in extra wax before the start.Report

  4. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    Is it a long weekend in the States too?

    I’m off to help a friend move houses, then to a wedding this evening.

    On Monday, I’m going early to our usual potluck and replacing their back door lock, because last week I broke the key off in the lock and it’s good and stuck in there now.Report

  5. Avatar Jaybird says:

    So close and yet so far… I made it to this point with an even number of socks.

    I go home one lighter.

    Or one heavier. Whatever.Report